A simple course saved a baby's life.... February 15 2017, 0 Comments

My sister-in-law saved a baby's life last week.

This is her story so I can only share it in an abbreviated sense. Bee, my sister-in-law (who lives in Portland, Oregon), was strolling in the rain with her 3 year old daughter and wearing her 3 month old in a carrier yesterday when she heard a woman screaming. She ran to the woman, who was shaking an unresponsive, blue baby that was around the same age as Bee's baby, while two toddlers in a double stroller were sobbing next to her. Bee frantically asked her what was wrong but the woman could only speak in broken English. Bee bent down to get eye level with one of the children in the stroller, and held his face to get eye contact and asked him what happened. He told her the baby was choking.

My sister-in-law tried to grab the baby, the woman would not hand over the baby- perhaps she was just shell-shocked, but she continued to shake the baby. Bee ignored her resistance and grabbed the baby from her, placing the baby downward over her forearm and quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver. The baby coughed out a small red dice, and within seconds started breathing normally and was screaming.

Bee, who at this point was sobbing along with her children, the other children, and the woman watching the children, told the woman to call 911. When the paramedics arrived they told her that they wouldn't have made it in time and she saved this baby's life.

Bee's story made me proud of her of course- I hope the family is aware of how lucky they are and that they need to ask themselves some questions regarding the training of their caregiver. This is a parent’s worst nightmare.  

Bee’s incident also brought up the subject of the importance of knowing CPR/Heimlich maneuver. When my son was a baby, both my husband and I took a course, and I had a refresher at work few years ago, yet I wouldn’t say I am an expert and could stand to take a course soon.  

How to be CPR/ Hemlich ready*

  • Take a course, if you have an infant make sure it is a class that also covers infants.

          For local resources for CPR classes contact these resources:

                                       Carriage House Birth

                                       Wild Was Mama

                                       Birthday Presence


Bee contributes a CPR class she took from Laurie Torres, EMT-B a Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Provider, CPR and First Aid Instructor for American Heart Association and owner of Baby Be Safe. Bee took this course at Wild Was Mama. I personally like this resource for having many types of CPR classes being offered. 

For classes in all states try the Red Cross

  • When interviewing a nanny or sitter ask if they know CPR, if they can show proof this is an extra.
  • If you or your sitter needs a course, take one sooner then later, offer to pay, book the course if this sitter is someone you will have long term.
  •   A good video that we use as a reference on how to save a baby that is choking.
  • This is an infographic that we have used as a reference and can be printed as a reminder, place in your cupboard or the area where you have emergency numbers.

Posted by Donna

*All views in this post are my own. Please check with an expert or pediatrician when educating you and your family on Infant CPR.



Happy Weekend. February 11 2017, 0 Comments


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In the pink... February 06 2017, 0 Comments


Pink is pretty yes, this is why it is a great color as we feel that it brings a lift to skin, especially tired skin. Which is why time again we mention it's benefits as a beauty must and it doesn't hurt to share a few of our favs close to V day. This hue doesn't always have to be bubblegum or bright fuchsia, find the right shade that compliments and gives you a lift... and be pink.



Tata Harper Skincare Love Potion via Nordstrom *bonus , this 'potion' is a blend of essential oils that get you energize...giving yourself some love.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Mara Hoffman for Sephora Collection: Kaleidescape Lip Gloss Set (Rose Quartz featured)


SEPHORA COLLECTION Mara Hoffman for Sephora Collection: Kaleidescape Cheek Trio

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Hot Pink 

PARISIAN LIP CRAYON Limited Edition Sonia Rykiel Collection

Claire's Valentines Day Pins + Patches


Artwork background: Steven Ladd 



4 Unique animal/earthy theme books.... January 31 2017, 0 Comments

Something about winter has us wanting to curl up with the kiddies and read creative books that lend us adventure while we are stuck inside. Here are 4 books worth reading.

We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen Ages 4-8
We are big fans of I Want My Hat Back in our casa and this is another cool read from author Jon Klassen. This book may appeal to the minimalist parent with it's cool muted hues and deadpan humor...it's a book my son loves to read especially since he loves turtles. It is an easy and has a narrative that tells a sweet story a kid appreciates.

A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek Ages Pre-k to 10

I received an advance copy of this lovely book and wanted to include it since it fit the theme. So many books have woods as being scary which of course they can be but we're talking kids here... let's have them have fun especially in reading. This book is about play and exploring , collecting stones, feathers...pinecones. Items my boy loves to pick up in a city park which is why this book is a great read for kids.

Where Did They Go? a spotting book by Emily Bornoff Ages 2-5

Follow the rhymes to find animals that may be unfamiliar which only part of the fun. Look, read and learn about these creatures in the beautiful illustrations.

123 Dream by Kim Krans Ages 3-7

This book is recommended age pre-K age to 7 however a baby would enjoy this beautiful read. The illustrations are vivid and pop out which will hold a wee ones attention. Each number (up to 20) are partnered with a creative illustration that strays from the conventional learning number books.





Style ease January 30 2017, 0 Comments







I am in a new phase work wise where I am trying to get a handle of my schedule so my family has a less stress madre. I am working on projects I love and feel passionate about and this is what I hope all the years of hard work has led me to. One thing I get to do is meet a fellow mother or a work friend for an early morning coffee at least once a week if my schedule permits. Living in this part of Brooklyn the style quota is pretty high. Just the other morning at a cafe I had never been to in Williamsburg the place seem to be oozing style with little effort. Even the relax style was stylish.

It was inspiring and I care about how I present myself... hey... early morning no work drop offs are another story and I never judge a mother I see in pajama pants, I am frankly jealous! I don't think pjs are in my future as I always have some kind of event or meeting to get too but there are more days now where my style can be more relaxed and comfort can be part of it. Not that the 3/4 inch heels are gone for good, I still have meetings where I can't wear a clog or a jean, however I can have fun on the days no heels are required.

Here are 6 items that I'm loving to help me embrace my new work life:

Chloe Sweater ( this sweater is for inspiration as it's quite spendy however it's so pretty I couldn't resist. Now Zara take note!)

The Race Clog (call stores for availability) via Madewell

Bandana via Madewell

Every Mother Counts Tote Bag via Clare V

Flowing Top via Zara

Enamel Vista Necklace via Jessica Wenzelberg

9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans Button Edition via Madewell



Happy Weekend. January 27 2017, 0 Comments

To Do:

Winter Jam

Saturday, January 28, 2017
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Central Park, Manhattan
Bandshell Area

Enter at 72nd Street

Featured Venues

  • Arctic Golf
  • Live Ice Sculpting
  • Ice Slide (for children five years old and younger)
  • Ice Bowling
  • Quidditch
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag Football
  • Fit Fun on the Run and the Fit Fun Mobile
  • Shuffleboard
  • Four Square
  • Taste NY Winter Market / Warming Hut
  • REI's All Out 2017 Workshops
    • Winter Camping
    • Wilderness Survival
    • How to Pack Your Pack
    • Tent Packing Competition
    • Sleeping Bag Stuffing Competition


Photo: Lexia Frank

Where to have a kids birthday in Greenpoint/Williamsburg January 25 2017, 0 Comments


Cotton Candy Spa

This sweet spot is geared towards girls however all genders are welcomed. This is the ultimate spa day for your beauty lover and friends. Packages include mini mani's and pedi's, make up application, glitter tattoos...even pizza can be served. Birthday Packages start at $399.

Edamama Cute Cuts and More

This space unique space is quite eclectic with it's story times, musical hours and sweet hair cut space. You can also throw a them birthday party that includes arts and crafts, a fun activity and with all the birthday trimmings such as cake and goody bags. Call or email directly for prices.

Greenpoint YMCA

Celebrate your kiddos birthday with a pool party. This is a pretty cool deal and again I like this venue for older kids although wee babes can have their party at this venue. Plus is a certified lifeguard is included in the package as well as noodles, bubbles/ backpacks, and toys . Package details are included here.

Gym Park

Perfect for the kids to tumble and have fun at this popular kid destination. Party fee starts at $425 with additional costs of gratuity and extra fees for time and children.


This popular play space offers designated rooms as well as the entire space to host a your little ones birthday party. Theme packages are also offered. Prices start at $425. Contact directly for estimate.

McGolrick Park 

A beautiful park located in North Brooklyn is a great party destination when weather permits. Arrive early as there are limited picnic tables at this park. If you like to reserve the pavilion you can apply for a permit which usually runs around $25. This is great if rain may be in the forecast. We have hosted and been guests to many a birthday party at this park, great for older kids!

Ms J's Gym

Located on the South side of Williamsburg this large gym space offers birthday packages that basically give your child and friends exclusive use of the space during his/her birthday party. Packages starts with basic at $500 .

Twinkle Playspace

This space doesn’t fool around when they throw a party. Their specialty is theme parties however they do have a basic party option. All packages include play time in their cool creative play space. Packages start at $675.

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MLK Jr activities for young children January 15 2017, 0 Comments

I grew up in California where we make a pretty big deal about MLK Jr.

Yes, MLK Jr. is a day off and yipee no school (or work). However, my son is going to know why he has this day off so like we do every MLK Jr. Holiday we will read, talk and learn about why we honor this man on this day.

Here are a few cool ways to teach the kids about MLK Jr:

Cool video via Soul Pancake! The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

I plan to buy one of these books on the kindle today. 5 Books To teach Tots Aboit Martin Luther King Jr via popsugar

If you have a printer. Free PDF Printable MLK Jr mini book via Education to the core

Amazing List. Martin Luther King Jr activities you can do today via mums make lists

MLK Jr dream speech via youtube


Post by Donna.

Original Post 1/19/2015. updated 01/15/17


New shopping nook in Brooklyn... January 08 2017, 0 Comments

We were hit with quite the snowstorm Saturday, which meant my plans to check out the new retail space, BEYOND at Liberty View was going to have to wait a day. I've heard about this space months ago from some of my PR friends and I was pretty excited about it coming to town. Located in the Sunset Park Location, Brooklyn neighborhood this is a location that I know mostly as industrial and a great place to have an artist studio, meaning there is space...sometimes lots of it. Which is why this new space that although quite big in that way that malls can be, feels special with its roots of Brooklyn firmly in place in the space. There is even a statue of Captain America that greets you when you walk through the door. Kids are going to go crazy for this cool sculpture.

I decided to not drive my husband mad and visit all the stores (I’ll save this for later) and picked Buy Buy Baby to check out since this is the store I mostly shop online, as it is always impossible for me to get to one in the city. World Market/Cost Plus is also there and I can't tell you how excited I am to see a store that is usually in the suburbs nestled n our busy city.

I love this mall for the busy mom... shop, get something delicious to eat and if you have the time- get a Blow dry at the Blow In Blow Out Bar located in our Face Values store where customers can make an appointment with master stylists to wash, blow and style their hair. 

Here are some of my favorites at Buy Buy Baby....


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beyond at Liberty View. The opinions and text are my own.

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Happy New Year. Now about those goals... January 02 2017, 0 Comments


Another year has gone by and with this we will have a New Year, a clean slate if you wish but we know as mothers that goals/resolutions are sometimes easier said then done. Here are 6 ways that can help you keep them!

Erica Says:

Hand write your resolutions. Haven't there been studies that prove handwriting burns into your brain better than typing?  Also - laugh if you will - but in college Erica would make lists of assignments due and once complete she highlighted it in pink (her favorite color!). Pink was my accomplishment color. I could look at my list and the more pink I saw, the better I felt and the more inspired I felt to finish more (so I could see more pink!). Think of it as a grown up sticker chart.

Create small goals. You want to lose 20 lbs.?  Write '2lbs' ten times and highlight as you go. Want to clean out your wardrobe?  Itemize it out - make a list of bedroom closet, dresser, and hall closet. As you clean each one, highlight as you go. Again - feel a sense of accomplishment for each step you take.

Be realistic. If you order dinner 6 nights a week don't say you will cook dinner every night. Start by half. Aim to cook dinner 3 nights a week. Then 4. And work up to your weekly goal.

Donna Says:

Don’t be afraid to make goals that will take longer then a year. I am entering into the final stretch of a long term resolution/plan I made to myself that consists of 4 goals. One was that I start a project I was afraid of and I did…its Motherburg this blog you’re reading. Another was writing for other sites. Check. The others are a wee bit personal but they have started to take fruition which is both scary and awesome at the same time.

Ask for support. This circles back to the goal I just mentioned. People, your fellow mom friends can help you with a resolution. It doesn’t have to be top secret, but if you do feel cautious about sharing it, then entrust a friend you feel will give you guidance and the encouragement you need to achieve this goal.

Believe in yourself. This is the hardest part about sticking to a resolution- especially for tired moms. Whatever it takes, affirmations, writing down positive attributes about yourself-then do this. One of my goals is to try to replace a negative thought with a positive. It’s not easy, as I tend to be my worst critic/enemy. But I am determined to turn my thoughts around, which will help in feeling more self-assured and confidant. This helps all of us especially when there are some bumps in the road.

Happy 2017!


Photo Credit: Flyingmind.tumblr

Original post 1/2014-updated 1/2017


Kid friendly restaurants in Williamsburg and Greenpoint December 31 2016, 0 Comments


We finally updated this list. There are so many new restaurants and one of our goals this year is to check them out and add to the list as we have to assure that what we recommend really is kid friendly. Feel free to email or comment here if you like us to check out your restaurant.

Aurora- Friendly and welcoming staff and amazing food to boot. The restaurant is a bit tight but there is still room for a stroller especially if you go for an earlier dinner

Bakeri- A favorite among local moms. Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere make this super kid friendly.

Basik- Many parents have recommended this restaurant to us, the open airy feel of the space that includes a garden. Food is delish.

Cafe Colette- Beautifully classic place to grab a bite to eat is also family owned and delicious

Calexico- A busy restaurant with a staff that tolerates kids. I've gone here several times with many kids and the wait staff is always friendly even with many screaming children. The food is good and quick to get to the table. 

Cookie Road- This place has the best energy, yummy treats. Our kids love going here. 

Crema- Not a restaurant per se however this space deserves an honorable mention for being super quaint and one of the best places in the Greenpoint area to meet a friend. Pastries from Balthazar and coffee from Toby's estate. It is small but on a quiet morning can fit a stroller or two as well as it has a little area in front you can easily place and keep a watchful eye on your stroller. It has one large community table a 2 to 3 more smaller nook areas to sit.

egg - One of our top picks to take our kids (just look at our instagram). This popular eating spot is our favorite for breakfast. It does get packed so get there early if you want a short wait. Super kid friendly.

Enids - Close to McCarren Park, this restaurant is large enough to accommodate strollers and a large brood of kids. 

Fabbrica- Food that is delicious, we recommend this for lunch if you are towing around a few kids and early for dinner.

Fanny-  Can eat here everyday and kid friendly to boot, love that it's in Greenpoint.

Fada - French food at its finest. Great brunch and you’ll love that the wait staff dote on the kids the moment they walk in.

Five Leaves- This place gets crowded so if your kid is chill then it's worth going for the food is amazing. I would say to get there by 8 a.m for the restaurant is full with parents and kids by 9a.m. My kid is wild so I go for breakfast before it's busy and there is room for the stroller. If you go at a busy time which is always know that you're stroller may have to be parked outside. The wait staff are incredibly friendly even with wild children. 

Frankel's Delicatessen- Newish deli open up by two brothers and their friends. Super nice staff and delish pastramis, brisket and bagels. This eatery feels hip but not pretentious.The line can get long but this place is worth it.

Little Dokebi- This new little jewel opened up a few months back in a quiet area of Greenpoint. I use to live only a few blocks from its main restaurant Dokebi for years and my husband and I frequented before child. When this new one opened I was curious how it would fair in our picky neighborhood. It's doing great. Little Dokebi feels warmer, quainter and although the big one is child friendly this feels more neighborhood-y. Parents even leave their strollers out front as they eat their meals and the food is a-mazing to top it all off.

Lobster Joint - This place gets busy but it is totally worth it as the tented back area is perfect for kids. We love the picnic tables, plenty of room for high energy kids.

Marlow &Sons- We've been visiting this restaurant with the best food for years pre-child and post child we still love it. My son's first visit was at 3 days old and I found that my breastfeeding wasn't frown upon which makes for a calm mama.

Meatball shop - Meatballs are naturally toddler friendly food and the amazing ice cream sandwiches don’t hurt.

Ninas- Old school Italian restaurant with ample room fro large families and crazy patience when it comes to wild children. We have visited this spot many times with screaming kids and never have the wait staff given is 'the' look.

Ovenly- Grab a treat as you head over to Transmitter Park. You won't regret it!

Pearls- Erica and i check out this eatery as a moms night out, we had one child with us as there is always at least one kid in one of our outings. Pearls is warm, friendly and you feel like you are not in Brooklyn...it feels very Caribbean. If is affordable and yummy especially if you love 'island' food. There isn't a ton of room for strollers in the front however there is a back area and not one eyelash was bat when we brought in our stroller and sat in front. Always a plus for us.

pies and thighs - The reincarnation of PnT is better than ever! Kids will love the sides; you’ll flip over dessert. 

Rabbit Hole- Amazing brunch, a bit of a struggle getting stroller in but worth it once your there for it's a lovely place with space in the back and garden.

San Loca- Erica's favorite spot for quick Mexican food. An order and site destination ..Erica loves not having wait staff move around you. 

Selamat Pagi: This Balinese restaurant is by the same owners of Van Luewen Ice Cream which celebrates their love for Balinese food. The pancakes are my son's favorite dish, I love their scramble eggs. Brunch or early dinner are the best times to go with kids. There is always room for a stroller as the place doesn't seem to get busy until most of us parents are trying to get our kiddos to sleep.

Spritzenhaus: This is our go to stop. Great waitstaff, insane bloody mary's and tons of room and patience for the little ones. We prefer to dine there before it gets really pack which is around 9pm weekdays, noon weekends especially when the weather is nice. 

Taco chulo - A great stop for Mexican food with plenty of room for baby/kids.

Urban Rustic- Hands down one of our favorite places for kids. The food is yummy &healthy; the staff is helpful and friendly.

Vamos Al Tequila- We visited this restaurant with an infant and a toddler and had room for the car seat and a stroller. However once 8p.m hit the place was packed so visit early.

Williamsburger- The cheese dogs are a great hit with the kids and it's not too hipster that parents can bring a group of children to eat for a family outing.


Not really sit downs but worth stopping by if you have kids.

Milk (of Momofuku) 

Bedford Cheese Shop Now more space then ever, let the kids check out the cool candies while you indulge in the amazing selection of cheese etc.

Feel free to comment here or email us if you know of a restaurant that should be on our kid friendly list. Bon Appétit!


Be courteous to your fellow diners and keep stroller either tuck away by your table or (if available) in a designated stroller area. 




Potty Training Tips from Pro Jen L'Italien! December 26 2016, 0 Comments

Hello everyone! I’m Jen of Oh Crap Potty Training From ME To You, and I’m super excited to be sharing some tips with you today all about potty training for you city mamas.

But first, I thought I should share a little bit about me and how I’m connected to Donna and the Greenpoint/Williamsburg community. I was lucky enough to once work in the same office as Donna, back when we were both Real Simple editors. I can say, for those of you who haven’t met Donna in person, that she’s as sweet as she is talented, and she is easily one of the best-styled women I’ve ever come across. (I covet her collection of bohemian tops to this day!) While I now call Maine home, I lived in New York for 14 years, and I birthed my babes while living in Greenpoint. I spent gobs of time in Wild Was Mama, back when it was called Caribou Baby, during my first year as a new mama. My kids still wear some cool finds I nabbed back in the day at Flying Squirrel (consignment shopping is admittedly not great in Maine.) I loved living in Greenpoint for my first few years as a mama. And I did potty train my daughter in our Brooklyn apartment, so I know personally what potty training in the city looks like.

I’m certified in the Oh Crap Potty Training method, which many of you may know (back when I lived in Greenpoint, I remember there was an entire preschool co-op who was using Oh Crap.) But however you choose to potty train your kiddo, I thought it’d be helpful to share some simple tips to help you in the process and beyond, when you’re navigating Brooklyn with your newly potty trained toddler. So here are 10 tips specific for you city mamas! - Jen

1. Map out a plan for public restrooms: So you’re thinking about potty training your toddler? Before you’ve even started, start paying attention to where bathrooms are in your neighborhood. You’ll need them! No matter how quickly your child potty trains, the process of *holding and consolidating* takes a while to happen naturally. Unless if your child naturally runs as a camel, you will have very little notice to find a bathroom. (In the cold months, even with a travel potty, you’ll want a bathroom simply for warmth.) Yes, Starbucks is an easy one to check off, but notice what other local shops and restaurants would be friendly to you popping in with a toddler who has to pee. It’s similar to the map of stroller-friendly subway spots I remember seeing on the blog Love Taza. That’s what you want in your head when you’re out with your child — a general map of some spots where you can make haste to find a bathroom.


2. Clear the schedule: One of the easiest pitfalls in potty training is pressure. It comes in all forms — a looming deadline for preschool, classes and commitments you want to make, and even a general sense of wanting to get it *just right* with potty training. Set you and your child up for success and clear your schedule of commitments for a week. That doesn’t mean you need to take a week off of work, but sending your child off to music class a few days into potty training is a lot of pressure. There’s a reason our parents had an easier time potty training us as kids. It’s because it was much easier to unplug back in those days, and that’s what you really need to be able to observe your child, and teach your kiddo how to use the potty. Rushing to make some class that first week, and putting artificial time frames of how long it should take, works against how this is truly a new big skill your child is trying to learn — and one that’s going to be big in building their confidence.


3. Skip the Facebook share: Post on Facebook that you’re potty training, and you’ll suddenly get 350 opinions on what is the right way to do it. That can really throw your confidence (and confidence is what you need to dive into potty training!). You are the expert on your child. You’ve chosen your path. If you’re looking for community and support in going through the process, look to your local mom’s group or your close friends.


4. Make use of that blasting radiator: Winter is upon us! I shared tips on why I think winter is an ideal time for potty training. In short, this is the time when we’re already hunkered down indoors. And with many city apartments, that means your radiator is blasting hot! Perfect time for bare bums and potties.


5. Get a travel potty: I am completely biased on this front and think there is no greater travel potty than the Potette fold-down potty with silicone liner. I am not paid by them, I just really love their travel potty. Keep yours in a wet/dry zippered pouch (I got mine originally from Wild Was Mama, though Amazon sells as well.)  You can even fit that travel potty zipped up in your pouch in your styling mama backpack, like my beloved Fjallraven backpack. I’ve heard some city mamas say that they just have their toddler pee in the street. Now as a potty training consultant, I see how that presents some issues. You will definitely come across a thank-goodness-for-the-travel-potty moment. My first one was when there was a line out the door at the airport bathroom and so I set up the travel potty on the bathroom floor which saved us. Second, you want your child to learn to be comfortable sitting to pee/poop on the potty, and squatting to pee on the curb works against that goal.


6. Invite friends over: City apartments can be small and feel even more claustrophobic when you’re in the throes of potty training. Invite close friends over (ones with kiddos) to bring some fresh energy to your space. Being around other friends, and other toddlers who may be potty training, also helps your child. I still remember one of our close friends coming by and how her daughter encouraged my daughter to sit on the big toilet with the insert for the very first time. Also music. Get your dance party on and keep the mood light when you’re potty training.


7. Reusable for the win: I was always so impressed by how sustainably-minded so many Brooklyn mamas are in their daily lives. Here’s a simple trick for accidents, because yes, accidents will happen in the beginning. Rather than paper towels, opt for cloth diaper prefolds. They’re way more absorbent and so handy when you have a pee accident on the floor. They also work great for padding up the bed for potty training at night.


8. Scope out the playgrounds: Along the lines of Tip #1, it helps to know which playgrounds have restrooms when you start out. Some do and some don’t in the city. Some are gross, some are tolerable. For a little while, it helps to choose your playground based on what will be easiest on the potty front.


9. Sitting and accidents: There’s a reason parents more often see accidents when a child is sitting in a high chair or in a car seat. When your child is sitting at that angle, the bladder is crunched and if your child is holding their pee, you’re more likely to see an accident. For you city mamas, the same holds true for strollers and even sitting long stretches on the subway. The solution? Always be sure to get a good pee in before long stretches of sitting time.


10. Team up with your child: There are a million and one things posted online about how awful potty training is and how you must do this, that, or the other. I know because I’m on Pinterest all the time. Here’s my simple advice. Team up with your child. After you teach your child how to use the potty, there is a leap of faith that comes with it. What happens when your child feels that you’ve put your trust in them? They typically rise to that expectation. When you start to move outside your home and go for outings around town with your kiddo, channel that team spirit. For us, that meant going to get our photobooth picture taken on the 6th day out from potty training and having that sweet memento (and no accidents, hoorah!) as a reminder that yes we can do this potty thing together. Potty training actually can be a real bonding experience for you both. Tune out the negative online noise.

Thanks so much to Donna for having me here!

Last minute gifts via Brooklyn! December 20 2016, 0 Comments




Need a last minute children's gift for the holidays? No need to go any further than your very own Williamsburg/Greenpoint and you can feel good about supporting local businesses too!

Flying Squirrel

1) Schylling Forest Friends Tin Tea Set, $24.50

A great present for the preschool aged child who loves pretend play.

2) Fisher Price Camera, $22.00

You can’t go wrong with a classic Fisher Price item for any young child.

3) Schylling Harmonic, $3.00

The perfect small gift or stocking stuffer.

Matt & Juliette

4) Haba Clutching Rattle, $13.00

Perfect for baby's first Christmas.

5) Wood/Wool Felt Sling Shoot, $22.00

This looks pretty and will be a huge hit with older kids.

6) Moschen Doll, $54.00

A soft organic doll great for a toddler.

7) 50 piece Colored Pencil Set, $30.00

For an artist of any age.

Mini Jakes

8) Tegu 42 piece block set, $110.00

Mini Jakes has a huge selection of Tegu blocks for all price points and a huge set to try out in the store.

9) Vroom Blocks, $24.00

Perfect for little toddler hands and any robot/vehicle lover.

10) Miffy lamps, $199.00

The lamps just came in and will make a show-stopping gift for any Miffy lover small or big (me please)!

Greenpoint Toys

11) Hungry Hippos, $24.00

A huge hit for anyone who won’t try and eat the little balls. There is a large selection of board games at Greenpoint Toys.

12) Barrel of Monkeys, $3.95

Fun for school aged children. A great little present for a last minute gift.
*If you don’t to go the toy route Word Bookstore has an incredible selection of children’s books.

Word Bookstore


Curious George
The Red Ballon
Madeline in the White House 


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Stocking Stuffers December 19 2016, 0 Comments


Growing up, and to be honest, still to this day, my favorite part of Christmas is the stockings. As much as I love a big gift, I find great joy in dumping out the contents of a stocking. All the mini items - it is just so much fun sorting through them.  Here are some stuffers I will be using for my kids this year. 


My 14 month old - I like to take advantage of this tender age where anything excites them, and get some practical items.

Safe Snacker I love that the lid is attached - no more digging through the cabinet to find a match! I also love all the fun colors. 

Zoo Little Kid Training Chopsticks  My big kids love sushi, so of course my little one wants everything they have. I think these cute training chopsticks from the Zoo collection will be a hit. 

Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash  This orange vanilla combo smells so good, I sometimes use it!  

My five year old - luckily he is an easy dude. I'll do a combo of holiday specific stuff and some small things that he's interested in - that are small enough to fit in his stocking. 

Lego Santa Claus Keychain Love this jolly guy in his red suit.  My son may not be ready for a house key. But we can attach this to a zipper on his backpack. 

Plan Cars II I love these compact wooden cars, a great addition to his collection. 

Socks  My son is super into sports. So while socks may be boring - he will love that they are his favorite team. 

Photo: Doozie Stocking

My seven year old - she is tricky!  If it were up to her, she'd have make up and a cell phone. So while I want to embrace her growing independence, she is only 7. 

A bracelet craft kit I love craft gifts. It's the gift that keeps giving. So I'll definitely include a bracelet kit. It's a great activity we can do together. 

Num noms Tiny + Scented = Perfect

Neck Warmer My daughter loves blue and loves to wear fun winter accessories. So this neck warmer is perfect. 


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Baby crawling? 5 crawling musts! December 12 2016, 0 Comments



Nothing is more exciting than when your baby hits developmental milestones. Sitting is adorable! You dress them in a cute outfit and they sit there. You can take a picture of a cute toothless grinning baby (or a few teeth grin). And it's just so cute. 

Then they start to move. They rock on on 4 and soon they are crawling. And it's like whoa!  Wait a minute! I need to baby proof!  Don't scratch your knees up! Don't eat that piece of pepperoni you found under the couch (I'm not the only one, right??). Don't splash in the dog's water dish. Yikes! And you take a blurry picture of a baby on the go. 

Here are Motherburg's top picks for crawling babies:


A gate with hardware  A bit more expensive vs a tension gate, but super secure, easy to install, and it doesn't kill your décor.  

Outlet protection  I love an outlet that is extra functional.


A tunnel  Stick your head at the one end of the tunnel. And baby will be delighted to come and get you. This may take a few weeks or months of crawling. But once your babe is comfortable with the tunnel you will have great fun with this simple (and easy to store!) toy.


Fun, protective pants  This super cute Opie Pants (made here in NYC!) are also super functional. Not only do they have reinforced knees, but it's made of a slip resistant fabric so your babe won't slide and flop as they start moving.


A mirror I love watching a baby crawl to a mirror and then see a baby!  They get excited. As does their image. Which results in more excitement. Try it. 


Older kiddos? My tip: My older two are 22 months apart and while it was nutty at times, it was also easy because it was just baby and toddler toy mania. Now, with a wee one home with a 5 and 7 year old - I'm dealing with tiny toys - legos and shopkins and Barbie shoes - and so I'm constantly crawling around my house to see what my babe can find. We try to have 'safe places' for our tiny toys - tables, the top of the bunk bed, in a room where the baby doesn't go. I'm sure I sound like a broken record with my older two. But babies will put anything and everything in their mouth. And you need to be super careful. So be on the look out!

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Happy Weekend. December 09 2016, 0 Comments


Brick Fest Live


Children 2 and under are free.

LEGO® lovers rejoice! The Brick Fest Live LEGO® Fan Experience is filled with hands-on attractions and activities built to inspire, educate, and entertain.

Enjoy an amazing LEGO world where you can marvel at giant creations and even build some of your own.

The Brick Fest Live LEGO Fan Experience provides a venue for LEGO lovers of all sizes to celebrate, build new creations, and see some truly mind-blowing LEGO sculptures to help set the imagination free.

Attraction Include:

  • Brick Fest Derby: Build and race your custom built LEGO cars on our derby ramps!
  • Collaborative Building Activities: Contribute to large-scale mystery floor mosaic.
  • Inspiration Stations: Add to existing LEGO cities and make them your own by building custom creations.
  • Video Game Arena: Have a favorite LEGO video game? Come challenge your family or make new friends in the Brick Fest Gaming Arena playing your favorite LEGO title head to head.
  • Mosaics: Using a colorful variety of 1×1 LEGO bricks, build a piece of art to proudly display for other attendees.
  • And More!


Fri, Dec 9, 2016, 5:00 PM –

Sun, Dec 11, 2016, 6:00 PM EST



City Point - Downtown Brooklyn

445 Albee Square West

Main Entrance at Albee Sq. W. & Flatbush Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11201



Brooklyn Bump Brunch is a special expecting parent event that invites you to eat great food, meet likeminded soon-to-be-parents and join the conversation about pregnancy, birth and baby. This "food-focused" event will host experts ready to answer all your questions as you prepare for parenthood. Come with a big appetite and leave feeling more informed about your prenatal and postpartum options.

Hosted by Nibble+squeak and King Kidlet.  Featuring guest pre- and postnatal experts, PLUS a *giftbag* for every bump including goodies from Loyal Hana, Oeuf and others, and giveaways from Baby K'tan and Ubbi at the door!

  • Maman 80 Kent StreetBrooklyn, NY, 11222United States

Space is limited, book your ticket now!  Partners, friends, all welcome!


Greencycle Swap, Saturday 12-3pm

illustration source: weheartit)

Breakfast and meet Santa Claus at St. Stans 

Sun, December 11, 2016 

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

12 Newel Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

*Buffet breakfast included with ticket price.

*Face painting, treats, crafts, raffles and more available at additonal cost.

**Tickets are per person (Adults and children age 2 and up need ticket to enter. Children under 2 are admitted free.)**


(illustration source: weheartit)

Breakfast and meet Santa Claus at St. Stans 

Sun, December 11, 2016 

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

12 Newel Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

*Buffet breakfast included with ticket price.

*Face painting, treats, crafts, raffles and more available at additional cost.

**Tickets are per person (Adults and children age 2 and up need ticket to enter. Children under 2 are admitted free.)**




Happy Weekend December 03 2016, 0 Comments

To Do:

Photo source


Lighting Ceremony Holiday Lights Manhattan Ave.

The lighting of holidays from Nassua Ave. to Huron street. 6-6:30 pm

Location: Greenpoint Toy Store 738 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Coming Up:


(illustration source: weheartit)

Breakfast and meet Santa Claus at St. Stans 

Sun, December 11, 2016 

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy

12 Newel Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

*Buffet breakfast included with ticket price.

*Face painting, treats, crafts, raffles and more available at additonal cost.

**Tickets are per person (Adults and children age 2 and up need ticket to enter. Children under 2 are admitted free.)**



5 Holiday DIYS (to get you in the spirit). November 28 2016, 0 Comments

It is an unseasonably warm December here in New York which has frankly been tough to get in the Christmas spirit as when you live in a cold weather state it really brings in the holidays. Ya, know snow flakes, snowman, sledding it all is so Christmas. So says the California mama who only knew sunny weather for Christmas growing up. 

This would explain why it took us weeks to finally buy a tree  which means it is now time to get into the holiday spirit! These DIYS are the perfect crafts to get one there and I am excited to give them a try.

Here are our 5 favs:

Black & White Christmas Ornaments(above): I will definitely make a few of these this holiday however this gives me the idea of doing an only black and white decor tree next year. via Earnest Home Co.

Painted Ornaments: I see those clear ornaments balls all over the place. This would be such a fun Saturday afternoon project with the kiddies to do as a last 'hurrah' before Christmas. Via Tell Love and Party

Cornstarch Clay Gift Tags: I am so doing these with my boy. I love adding a special touch to gift wrapping and these tags are surprisingly easy. Via Hello Natural

Melted Crayon Ornaments: Make something beautiful out of those small nibs of crayons you have lying around. Via One Cup At A Time

The easiest DIY in the list because it is a free printable! Give this your own stamp with some glitter or a splash of paint. Via Gather & Feast



Road Trip Tips November 21 2016, 0 Comments


Take the Best Road Trip Ever

How to Avoid Car Sickness

Understand why you’re carsick. Motion sickness happens when the brain gets conflicting signals from your inner ears, eyes, joints, and muscles. The inner ears and the skin receptors sense that you’re moving, but if you are reading or have your eyes fixed on an object in the car, your eyes can’t detect that the car is moving. One of the main symptoms is nausea, says Gervais Fréchette, M.D., a travel-medicine specialist in New York City and San Francisco.

Counteract nausea by looking outside.Says Fréchette, “Look at the horizon or the distant scenery,” which helps your body send the proper messages to your brain. Get kids to do the same by playing car games, like the license-plate game or I Spy. And, says Fréchette, “position a car seat so that the child can see outside.” Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and sodium. All three can impair circulation, interfering with the body’s ability to sense movement.

Ask your doctor about medications. She may suggest Dramamine, Bonine, or Marezine. But skip the wristbands and electronic devices that are claimed to prevent motion sickness. “There’s no scientific data to support them,” says Fréchette.

How to Check a Tire’s Air Pressure

Buy a good air-pressure gauge. That may seem obvious, but it’s crucial. You won’t get an accurate reading from an air-pressure gauge at a gas station, and an accurate measurement is pivotal, because underinflated tires handle poorly on the road, says Andrew Vinciquerra, who owns A.V.A. Performance Inc., an auto-repair shop in Long Island City, New York, and specializes in prepping his customers’ cars for road trips. Because low tires spin with more difficulty, they require more energy from the engine and so waste gas. “Purchase a gauge that doesn’t run on batteries and you won’t need to worry that they’ll die,” Vinciquerra recommends.

Determine the ideal pressure. Says Vinciquerra, your car manual will tell you where to locate a sticker―usually on the doorjamb on the driver’s side―that indicates your tires’ maximum pressure, which is how much weight they can support. One tire at a time, unscrew the tire cap and place the gauge over the valve fitting. Press in for one second and listen for the hissing sound of escaping air. The gauge will lock the reading into place so you can see it clearly. If the number is too low, add air to the tire for 30 seconds, then test again. Repeat until the pressure is correct. Be sure to check the spare tire’s pressure as well.

How to Get Unlost on the Road

Stop and turn around as soon as possible once you realize you’re lost.Yes, you may be tempted to keep going in the hopes that you’ll miraculously correct your course. But the truth is, the farther you drive, the more lost you’ll get, says Laurie Borman, editorial director of Rand McNally.

Backtrack to the last landmark or exit that you clearly recognize. Even if it takes 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll save time and gas in the long run. If you stop to ask directions, be sure it’s in a safe, well-lit area.

Try to understand why you got lost. Did you miss a turn? Make a wrong turn? This is the key to not getting lost again. People tend to make the same errors repeatedly, such as zoning out and not seeing signs, and you’ll be less likely to make the same error if you know your weaknesses.

By Arianne Cohen via Real Simple

Photo Source:  spaceforinspiration.blogspot.com via Stash Tea on Pinterest

Original Post 5/24/13

6 Swaddle lines we j'adore ♥ November 14 2016, 0 Comments




We are all about presentation and love a beautiful swaddle. Just a few years ago these light weight blankets, with the exception of a few brands, was quite limited style wise. In the last few years adorable designs and brands have popped up which is always the fun part of our job. Here are 6 that we are loving.

1. Land Of Nod : We are big fans of Land Of Nod and especially love these freehand 100% cotton muslin swaddles by artist Ashley Goldberg. Perfect gift for mom to be. 

2. Little Unicorn : A sweet new brand of baby essentials. These swaddles are just so darn cute! No wonder they seem to sell out of these unique designs. Dino Friends and Ground Patrol (shown).

3. :  This handmade swaddle from this available on Etsy is designed in one of my favorite prints, Buffalo. So Brooklyn.

4. Buttermilk Babies : Kitshy and unique Buttermilk Babies is in step of the cool parent who wants their baby to reflect their style or personality. These swaddles from the Signature Series includes Zoonicorns, Gemstones, Knuckle Sandwich and Graffiti. This line knows how to keep baby swaddled and have fun.

5. Kaydee Baby: Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets are soft, natural and perfectly gender neutral with this cool design.

6. Aden + Anais : One cannot do a swaddle line and not include the one of the best. We are always ohhing and ahhing when picking through  Aden + Anais swaddles. They also do not miss a beat in the design department...you can find some of their classics design and other such as this Sienne Siesta made of soft rayon from bamboo makes it a must on the registry.Also love this design at Wild Was Mama.


Photo: Spearmintlove.com, Hedgehog Swaddle 



Happy Weekend. November 11 2016, 0 Comments

To Do:


This looks like so much fun and we cannot wait to go to our own show, definitely check out and book tickets soon.

Pip’s Island November 12, 2016 to January 8, 2017

Pip’s Island is an indoor immersive experience lasting one hour for children between the ages of 4-10. There are multiple arrival times during the day and families will move in groups of no more than fifty through twelve bespoke multi-sensorial environments where they will be participants in the story along with our actors and puppets.

Tickets may be purchased online  or by phone at 866-811-4111.

Ticket price is $50 per ticket. A ticket must be purchased for each adult and each child who is participating in Pip’s Island. An adult must participate along with each child or group of children in his/her party.


Happy Weekend. November 05 2016, 0 Comments

ACME's 5th Annual Holiday Kids Photo Op will be Saturday November 5th, from 10AM to 2PM

Families will be photographed in the order of arrival, no appointment necessary. RSVP is encouraged so we can anticipate demand.

63 N 3rd ST. btwn WYTHE + KENT, enter through garage door.






McGolrick Park Daffodil Planting

Saturday, November 5 RAIN OR SHINE!


Meet at the McGolrick Park Pavilion

Come out and help make our park flower filled in the Spring. This is our last chance to get 2,500 daffodil bulbs in the ground before it is too cold to plant! More info to come about further activities on planting day.



Kid Eats: meals for the little ones deliver to your doorstep. November 01 2016, 0 Comments





After my son was born I would say the task of dinner became my new challenge. Gone were the days of cooking long simmering meals, time was a luxury of the past. Soon I was reading books on how to juggle it all (ha!) and get dinner on the table. Seven years after my son was born it is still one of my biggest home challenges. This is something my fellow mom friends speak of often, getting well balance meals on the table for the family. That's it. This is the goal.

At MB we do not have only older children to feed, our famIlies keep expanding and the dinner table has to service kids in different eating stages. Just a month ago I was going to stores in my neighborhood, most of this stores are healthy with one being a huge health chain and yet I could not find frozen baby puree. I could have sworn this existed, right? My thought being if I do not have time to make healthy baby food then I can at least buy the kind of food that is I had the luxury of time would make. Nada. I resolved to jars that week.  

Then Nurture Life, an organic ready to eat meal subscription service for the kiddos, got in touch with us. Would we like to give them a try? They are now delivering in the NY/Eastcoast area. There is no other service of this kind. So we said sure, however we have the most eclectic of eaters living with us, no problem they said we get picky eaters. After answering a short q&a on what they will eat we were told to expect our meals soon. I received a package just in time. My husband was away and by the time I got home from work, tackled homework, baths, I had zero time to prepare a meal, let alone a healthy one. So I 'made' one every day for 4 days straight. Each meal that came cold, not frozen and is made without artificial ingredients or preservatives took about 10/15 minutes in the oven and can be baked in the container. Verdict? My very picky eater loved every meal. And nope we are not getting paid to write this post. I was beyond shock to see my kid eat beef stew-especially since he rarely will eat meat and ...even asked me to tell the chef to send him more beef. He then told my husband that I needed to start ordering the chicken meatballs from 'that chef' every week. 

Erica's tribe feasted on a Tex Mex Burrito bowl that she deemed ahh-may-zing. Erica’s daughter Kate who is honestly the only child I know who actually gets excited to eat salads and loves the same food I do loved the salmon. Our wee ones in our loved the potato curry and the purees especially the oatmeal mixed with the puree plantains.

Is it do able? After going over the cost of the meal plans both Erica and I felt that the prices are do-able within our budget, not bank breaking and most importantly these meals are exactly what we want our kids to be eating.  Of course the creator of Nurture Life is a mom who found herself with the same dilemma of how do we feed our kids fresh well rounded organic meals that also meet their nutritional needs? Now we can reap the benefits of her solution. And we aren't hanging in our towels yet in the kitchen... we like having the option of having a few meals deliver every week, easing the burden a bit of meal planning and making eating less of a chore, more about family time.




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This Saturday:



Coming Up: