5 products that make a parent's life easier August 12 2013, 0 Comments

I personally swear by all these products that I use in my home or on the go!

1. Wipes are a no brainer for most parents with babies however I find that having them with a toddler is still a must. The messy hands after eating, the questionable restaurant tables that need a wipe down, wet wipes are a must.

2. I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap to hand wash some of my son’s clothing, for his bath and even clean the floor with it. The Baby Mild Liquid soap is great for it is fragrance free.

3. A former colleague gave me a box of Magic Erasers when my son was about 10 months old and starting to walk. “You’ll need these soon” she said with a smile. When crayons and dirty handprints started appearing on all our white walls I could not believe what a miracle these sponges are. I have a bit of a hard time finding them at my local market however my reliable mother in -law just sent me a nice supply that has done wonders for my bathroom and kitchen walls.

4. An easier way to get your children’s whites to become white again is to dye them back white. I am not a huge bleach person and feel that it starts breaking up the fabrics. White dye is more permanent and breathes fresh life into those stained clothes that are not ready to go into the donation pile.

5. My child is no longer a baby however my son still thinks I am a large napkin. I am a working mom and I cannot take my wardrobe any more casual to what it has become for I have meetings and appointments. I use my tide stick for the wheel stains I get from the stroller as well as deep stains such as grease. It may not always rid the stain completely at that moment but it always does just enough removal to save the garment for later use. 




Posted by Donna