Make up for Moms: I ♥ chubby sticks! July 28 2014, 0 Comments

Whether I chose to blame it on the weather or just the natural progression of aging, my lips have just recovered from a few months of server chapping. As we age we need to add more moisture onto our faces, this is why face creams are so popular. I had been adding lipstick all winter long, it had probably been a good decade since I last wore lipstick, as I have always strictly been a lip-gloss girl. But if you read my posts on beauty you know I like one-shot makeup, that one makeup piece that is going to make my face feel less tired. So I am now on the Chubby wagon. Chubby’s for the most part are tinted balms. The Chubby’s I like are made with colors that are more to my stylish liking which is why I tend to use the Clinique ones. I find these tints last for a few hours, they keep my lips nice and moist so a win-win in my book, best part? They can last at least 6 months or longer.

 A few picks (left to right):


Concealer for tired mom eyes April 30 2013, 0 Comments


My co-worker left this on my desk weeks ago. Okay I can take a hint! I actually love a concealer that works as a highlighter but after trying this one I now know why it’s called ooh la la. It’s pretty ooh amazing like, please last forever and NEVER ooh la la discontinue this bit of an eye miracle worker. The formula by benefit consists of light reflecting pigments and raspberry extract, a combination that gives these tired eyes the boost they need every morning.

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