Reusable squeezie the Squooshi + GIVEAWAY!

November 15, 2012

In the heyday of my daughter eating about 3 of those squeeze packs a day, I wondered by no one had invented a reusable one! Sure we had this Boon spoon but it sucked in comparison to squeeze pack. Well someone else was wondering the same thing… 

Enter the Squooshi. Invented by a mom who wanted a greener & less expensive option for baby food + the ease of the squeeze. The Squooshi is made with BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safe. Best part is they come in 2 sizes so its perfect for babies and toddlers alike. You can freeze them for a summer treat or to put in your babes lunch box. Its impossible to beat! 

Packs retails for:
$16.99 for the small
$19.99 for the large
You can click here to buy some for you little one! 

GIVEAWAY: Squooshi has generously sponsored a giveaway! Email us at and tell us the best part of the Squooshi! Contest ends Sunday at 8pm. Winners will be notified by email on Monday evening.