Chic Baby, MB's High Chair Picks February 25 2013

Whether buying your own high chair or registering for one, picking the perfect one is right up there with the crib and stroller. This is that one piece that will be a mainstay in your home and needs to blend well with your aesthetic and perhaps be used for baby #2. There are so many out there, here are  some of our favorites: 

1.OXO Sprout High Chair, $249.99 via Amazon , BPA Free, 6 months to 5 years. A sturdy highchair with an adjustable seat and footrest. Also converts to  a children’s chair when your child outgrows the highchair .

2. Tavo High Chair, $299 via Petit Tresor This chair reminds me of restaurant hi -chairs just really pimped out . I happen to love those restaurant chairs and this chair can fit into many household aesthetics. No tray is needed, includes permanent T-bar as well as an adjustable seat belt.

3. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair, $236.89 via, This chair has a 5 point safety harness, perfect for a baby/toddler that is a mover. Chair can be adjusted as child grows and easy to clean surfaces.

4. Stokke Tripp High Chair, $249.99 via Target,  this chair goes from highchair to booster for toddler. Most parents I know who have this seem to be happy with it, tray is extra which brings the price up making it an investment.

5. Phil & Teds Lobster Hook on Chair $82.39 via, Perfect if you have a small space this chair will last up to 3 years. 4 point safety harness, claw has a strong grip, great if you want a  chair you can travel with.

6. Keekaroo Height Right High Chair With Tray, $149.99-$159.99via Target, An  affordable hi-chair that has many perks that some of the other higher price chairs offer. 3 point harness, adjustable seat, contoured seat, transitions to a toddler seat.


motherburg's guide to local ballet & dance classes May 09 2012

I was waiting until July or August to publish this but since it came up, here is a listing of local ballet classes. Ballet, Tap and Jazz tend to start at age 3: 

1) Studio Metro - Located right next to the Lorimer L stop this dance space offers ballet, tap, hip hop and toddler movement classes. Check link for times and days

2) Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center - Located on Grand Street and run by the ever-awesome Lakey Evans, WMAAC offers ballet, tap, modern and circus arts classes. There are also several options for toddler movement classes too. 

3) Hamilton Dance - Located in Greenpoint, near McGolrick Park - Hamilton Dance is the real deal; celebrating 25 years this year! The young beginners class is a mix of ballet, tap and jazz. Registration doesn’t begin until August but if you ‘like’ Hamilton Dance on Facebook, you’ll get a heads up and discount on registration. 

4) Soundance - Highly recommended by a girlfriend, Soundance offers creative movement, modern and drama classes. Located on N. 7th in between the Beford and Lorimer L stop.

5) Long Island Kids - Not exactly local but a quick and easy B62 bus ride over the Pulaski Bridge brings you to this charming space that offers ballet, creative dance and movement classes.

Notable others:
-Frolic has a tiny dance, tiny tumbler class and ballet 1 for older babes. 
-PLAY has dance 1, 11 and 111
-Brooklyn Ballet - Also not local, but a tried and true ballet school

If you know of other’s I’d love to hear about them too!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux

Photo: thegorgeoushussy, via notetosarah