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May 02, 2014


With summer right around the corner, Motherburg has outlined some great options here in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. We took into consideration parents looking for full time childcare coverage, as well as parents who have a smaller need, but same desire to get their kid out and about. Here is our round up.

Full Day Coverage

Since I work full day coverage is a must and having late pick ups have to be part of the camp package. I actually travel less in the summer as my job happens to be at it’s busiest during this season. I try to find full coverage that is going to keep my son entertained and since I am given a few summer Fridays I use these days to pick him up early up or skip camp and do something fun like visit the pool. Here are two fab camps that offer longer hours. -Donna


Camp Details: 

Camp Frolic runs runs consecutively June 23 - August 29 and offers flexible enrollment options so campers can sign up for as many days/combinations within those 10 weeks with 2 weeks advanced notice. They only require a "minimum" of 4 days total for summer camp registration to be used anytime throughout 10 weeks, so super flexible. The more days you sign up for, the better the price (starting at $85 for half day and $110 for full day)!

Signing Up:

Parents are required to sign up 2 weeks before the first day of camp you register for, however, spots are already filling up so we recommend signing up early.

What you can expect:

Camp Frolic! is a unique creative arts experience for campers 3-5 years that incorporates custom activities designed to complement their rock-history-inspired weekly themes, including music-making and songwriting, arts and crafts, storytelling and musical theater, cooking and science, and imagination-filled play in their one-of-a-kind playground!

Hours: 9a-3p, extended day to 6p for an extra $50/day.

Ages: 3-5.


Ms J’s

Camp Details: June 16- August 31st.Sign up for the entire week or at a minimum of two days.

Form here

Half day: 9a-1p = $67 per day*

Full day: 9a-3:30p = $90 per day*

Extended day: 9a-5:30p = $115 per day* (when available)

*There is a $5 registration fee if not already members.

Signing up: A fee of $20 will be charged to change reserved week(s) or day(s) of camp. The balance of camp payment is due by June 16. Reservations made thereafter require payment in full upon registration. Full tuition is nonrefundable one week prior to start date.

What you can expect:

Enjoy gymnastics, dance, arts and crafts and games.

Ages: 3 (potty trained) to 11


Short/Half Days/Non- Committal

Looking for coverage that works with your schedule? Here are some camps that have a shorter (9a-12p, 9a-3p) daily option (please note that some do offer extended day options), and agencies that offer drop in care on an as needed basis.

ABC Child Center

After a one-time registration fee of $275 you can do a regular schedule, or random drop off days (pending prior approval)

Hours: Monday-Friday 8a-6p (you can do full day, or they offer 2 half day sessions 8a-12: 45p or 12:45-6p)

2014 rate per day - children in diapers $45 half day/$75 full day, potty-trained children $40 half day/$65 full day, additional fee of $5/half day and $10/full day for drop off

Ages: 2-5

Artbox Atelier

Two sessions this summer: July 7-11 and July 14-18

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9a-12p

2014 rate - $200 per week (Price includes healthy snacks and drinks.)

Ages: 4-10

Bright Horizon

Drop In Care*

Pay a one time registration fee of $150. Call in advance or last minute to check if there is room for your child to be dropped off.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7a-6:30p

2014 rate: $20 an hour 

Ages: Infant to 5

*Bright Horizon also is the back up care for some companies. Call your HR or insurance to see if BH is part of your plan.

Eckford Street Studio

Eight weekly sessions from July 7 - August 29

Hours: Monday-Friday 9a-3p

2014 rate - $600 per week (10% discount if you register for multiple weeks, sibling discount)

Ages: children entering K-5


June 30 - July 3 this is the only session left, space very limited

2014 Rate: $600 per week

Ages: 5-12

The Painted Cloud

Nine weekly sessions from June 30 - August 29

Hours: Monday-Friday 9a-3p

2014 rate: $600 per week (15% discount if you register by May 31st, sibling discount)

Ages: 4-10


Six weekly sessions from July 7 to August 15 for ages 6-12. 2 sessions for ages 3-5.

2014 rate: $295 for 3-5 age session. $625 for ages 6-12.

Hours: 9:30a-430p for older group, younger group is 9:30a-12:30p

NY Kids Club

Thirteen weeks starting June 2 and running each week until August 29.

Hours: 9a-12p

3 year olds, and older children have the option to stay until 3p.

2014 rate: Minimum of 2 weeks reqired:

2 days a week 9-12 is $250

2 days a week 9-3 is $375

3 days a week 9-12 is $325

3 days a week 9-3 is $475

5 days a week 9-12 is $500

5 days a week 9-3 is $685

Ages: 2.5 - 6

PLAY Summer Camp

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9a-2p

2014 Rate: $350 per week

Ages: 3.5-5

Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center

Six weekly sessions from July 7 - August 15

Hours: Monday-Friday 9a-3p

2014 rate: $100/day, $450/week (no minimum enrollment required)

Ages: 4-12

Williamsburg Northside Camp

Two sessions from July 1- August 8

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30-11a.m for 2 year of age, 8:30-3p.m for 3-6 *year of age.

2014 rate for 2 year olds: Session 1 $475 for 2 days, $900 for 4 days

Session 2: $550 for 2 days, $1,050 for 4

Entire summer: $960 for 2, $1,820 for four day

2014 rate for 3-6 year olds*: Session 1&2: $950 for 2 days, $1,150 for 3 day, $1,725 for 5 days/. *an extended time to 4:30 is offered every day except Friday for $125.

Fun Activities

As a stay at home mom my days run into each other and I don’t have a strong distinction between weekdays or weekends or seasons…. But, after 4 years at home, my daughter was in a full time pre-k program this year, so the pressure to plan some activities this summer is a little stronger than in the past.

Being a part of a single income family, I can’t justify signing her up for a full time camp. It’s too big of an expense, and, since I am home, I don’t need that kind of child care coverage. But, what will we do this summer? Trying to keep both my almost 5 year old and 3 year old in mind, I have come up with a list of inexpensive or free things that happen on a weekly basis in the Northern Brooklyn area. Have fun! - Erica



The Library

Thank goodness for our neighborhood libraries. Most libraries will offer storytelling through summer, even without the story telling these are a welcome refuge from the heat and a chance to sit while the kids read through their book selections. 

Greenpoint Library

107 Norman Ave. at Leonard St. Brooklyn, NY 11222


Leonard Library

81 Devoe St. at Leonard St. Brooklyn, NY 11211


Williamsburgh Library

240 Division Ave. at Marcy Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211



Klub 4 Kidz has $10 Tuesdays (normally ages 3 and up are $15, additional children $10 each, or under 3 are $12 with each additional child only $10) On Tuesdays all day open play is only $10 per child. I like to head over to one of my favorite taco trunks on Bedford for an affordable lunch on the go. 

Klub 4 Kidz

159 N 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Knitting Factory Sing-a-long - 11am (also Fridays at 11am). At the rate of $3 per family this has got to be one of the best deals going! Grab the kids, enjoy some music, and maybe a little dancing. After it’s over, head over to the riverfront and enjoy the day!

Knitting Factory

361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Gym Park! A fun space for ages 6 months - 6 years. Buy the 3 pack for $30 and commit to going 3 Thursdays in one month. Easy! The best part? Walking across the street to Cookie Road for a post running around treat!

Gym Park

81 Oak Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Cookie Road

94 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY



The McCarren Pool, Opens June 26th

This free pleasure is best visited before total teenage chaos hits, which is usually late afternoon. Remember to bring a lock or you’ll be turned away.

Hit The Road Options

Have a car? A metrocard? Let’s go!

Sometimes we need to get out of our regular routine - and that might mean loading up the car, or jumping on the subway. We live in an amazing city and I know I sometimes forget to take advantage of all that we have. But, no better time than the summer to embrace all NYC has to offer! Here is a short list of some awesome things to go, in no particular order.

Riverside Park

An easy L to the 1/2/3 line. Or, if driving, head over before noon and grab a free parking spot post alternate side suspension. There are a ton of awesome playgrounds along the river, or, simple grassy spots to picnic and watch the river activity. Some playgrounds to hit -

Dinosaur playground (West 97th Street) Huge water feature, fun climbing pieces, but note - no bathroom.

Hippo playground (West 91st Street) - It has bathrooms, awesome water features, and lots of shade.

River Run playground (West 83rd Street)- bring a boat and watch it float down this little man made river - kids love it! Note - no bathroom.

Central Park

One forgets how great this park is with the zoo and its many playgrounds and the carousel. Also, Victorian Gardens (Starts May 24happens here in the summer, so much fun for the little ones. Parks located in Central Park and locations.

Queens Zoo

Way less crowded than the Bronx or Central Park Zoo - a large parking lot for those with a car, or, you can reach it via public transportation (walk able from the 7 train).

Michael’s Craft Store

Michael’s Passport To Imagination- the crafting mega store - has $2 kid classes! No formal commitments go when you can, skip it if you are tired… Kids Club, ages 3 and up, only $2 and includes materials! Each class is a different project, so head to their website, find your closest store and view the schedule. In the class description it will give a brief overview of the project. It looks like only 10 seats per 30-minute class, and you can book online to guarantee your spot.

Good To Know!

McCarren Park Pool Swim Lessons

This is a free lottery that teaches tots (ages 1½-5), children (ages 6-17), and adults (18+) of all age’s basic water safety and swimming skills. We have had luck getting in and definitely suggest giving this a try especially if you are at home and looking for some fun activity. The summer lottery registration is not up yet, follow us on FB or Twitter and we’ll let you know when it is up. The link to bookmark is here.

YMCA Greenpoint

This camp program is full before you know it however we know parents (including us!) who made it off the waiting list. It is fun and they keep the kids entertained and the price can’t be beat.

Kings Bay Y at North Williamsburg

Kings Bay now has a location in Williamsburg. With a real dedication to summer camp you'll find has 4 programs with sessions broken down. Their camps range from preschool to soccer and Hebrew. We recommend visiting the location or attending an open houses as the camps have add ons with extended hours and other enrichment programs and can be a bit confusing, so actually sitting down and getting the schedule written down is recommended.

Oasis Day Camp

For ages 4-11 The Oasis Day near us is located at Flatbush. There is bus service provided for Williamsburg and Greenpoint parents. I have heard only great things about this camp; they also offer a 10 percent sibling discount.

Thank you for reading our guide. As with anything we post, we encourage you to call ahead and confirm any dates, times, or rates prior to going. We do our best to be as accurate as possible, but things are always changing! Of course this is not a comprehensive list of all camps and activities in our neighborhood, but we wanted to help outline some plans and guarantee a fun filled summer. Please follow us this summer as we will be posting any activities and events we find a long the way. Know of any great camps in our neighborhood? Email us, love to hear about it and we’ll be sure to share it!

Erica & Donna





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