4 Subscription/Delivery Services for the Busy Mom

August 20, 2018


If you haven't noticed, we're in Back to School mode. For some mamas, school has already begun, for others, there are just a few short weeks before saying au revoir! to summer and back to the grind we go. Since I was a kid myself, I've always treated back to school as a new opportunity to set goals. Now as a mom I have a bit of an agenda of what I like the school year to look like. Like most mothers I want less stress during the back and forth of scheduling kids activities, grocery shopping, homework, and the thousand other things that happen during the week. I want to be able to sit down at a reasonable time and have more precious time with my kids rather than feel frantic and always in work mode.

This is why I intend to get a bit of help by having a subscription or two this school year. As we all know there are hundreds of monthly subscriptions. There seems to be a box for everything and to I feel one needs to be specific on what subscription is going to help us as mothers as I honestly don't think I need a sock subscription.  And a kids book subscription sounds cool however I love picking out books with my kids, it reminds me of a past time I spent with my parents. So we decided on 4 that work with the BTS theme and most importantly we hope one will be a game changer when it comes to your stress and time. 

Clothes for Kids: Stitch Fix Kids
Stitch Fix KIds is considered a personal styling service more than a monthly subscription, it works similar to a subscription although one that you can control delivery and price wise. A parent can receive a box monthly, every few months or twice a year, whatever works for you. Working with 50 brands, the stylist works hard to ship a clothing box for your child that suits their personality. As a style editor, this was a service I wanted to give a try as my 9-year-old is a considerable challenge to dress. Could an online service do better than his own mother?! First I answered the profile honestly with answers that reflected what my son truly wanted to wear and not how I wanted him to dress. I checked off-color, print and price questions, as well as other personality q 's on how my boy dresses and received a confirmation soon after from his stylist. My son's stylist Maggie touched base asking if there was anything else she needed to know while gathering pieces for my son's box. I basically told her good luck with this kid he's a secret fashionista. The service is all about the kid participating in receiving this box, and as soon as the box is opened, they are greeted with bright wrapping and a personal note about why the pieces were picked. When we received our box most of the clothing was not anything I would have chosen which was the point all along. The verdict? My son loved all the pieces Maggie picked and didn't want to return anything. Ouch for my style ego yet a win as a mom. These pieces are basically the foundation of his BTS wardrobe, and although I do not need this box every month, I would not hesitate to use the service as a jump start to each season. Price wise It also felt like a great deal. We chose everything in the box and with a 25% discount (for selecting all the picks) for $164. Prices for a kid's Stitch Fix start $10 with a $20 styling fee that is applied as credit toward any items you purchase. If you buy everything, you receive a 25% discount off the entire box!

Kids Meals: Yumble
I have tried quite a few meal kits. In total, we have tested at least 4 to 5. Personally, my husband and I were pretty happy with these meal subscriptions. The one caveat? My oldest son rarely ate any of the dishes I cooked from these kits. I like the idea of having healthy food that gets delivered to my door, I do not use these meals to replace the family dinner but rather to get a bit of a break when I am having a busy work month, or my husband is traveling for long periods of time. But what is the point of cooking up these meals if the kids aren't going to eat them, isn't this the point? There is still work involved with most meal kits you have to cook up the meals. Now comes Yumble, meals that come ready made and after a quick heart up they ready to serve.
Why it works. Perusing the site, I started to get the vibe that they work really hard to make kids happy with their meals. Smart. They aren't underestimating their customer. They may be a bit crazy to service the pickest age group in the universe I thought, well let's see if my picky eater will be happy.
After we received our Yumble my son was excited from the get-go as the wooing starts as soon as you open the box with creative packaging and a packet that includes star charts, golden coins that are meant to be given as a reward, activity sheets they can draw on and a few other cool things. Yumbe is working hard to please this kid and, drum roll, it worked. We received six meals and there no complaints on any of the meals. Neat packaging, fun names, and food that kids want to eat, the kinds of food they love yet are made to be healthy. Yumble also offers dairy, egg, gluten free as well as vegetarian options. I was prepared to have to sell my boy on these meals which has been my past experience. With Yumble there was no cajoling, from the get-go my boy was excited. I did add fresh fruit, and cheese to all the meals as my kid is a big dinner eater. Favorites were the Pizza Empanada, the Holy Moly Ravioli, Finger-Lickin' Chicken Fingers. The costs of the 6 meals came out about $50 making this a worthwhile service for our busy lives.


Developmental Baby Toys: Lovevery
We featured the Lovevery playmat recently as one of our favorite toys that promote development. Continuing this mission in mind Lovevery now have a Play Kit subscription service where they will send a box of playthings that support a baby from age newborn to 12 months developing brain. How it works is play kits are sent every other month to your home or to a parent as a gift. Each play kit features toys curated by child development experts and features non-toxic, sustainable and organic toys. I know personally, I had a bit of a struggle my baby's first year on toys and to have an expert share appropriate toys to encourage my babe's developmental stages is pretty cool. We tested The Thinker play kit for months 11 and 12. A few things we received: baby books, a sweet little doll named baby Avery that feels perfectly sized to be tucked while strolling, a top sliding box where a baby can push a ball in and slide the plate to find the ball on the other side. A favorite was a cloth coin purse with wooden coins and Lovevery credit cards for the baby to play with- as by this age your baby is getting into your own bag and straight into their mouths, this allows them to go to town with their own coin bag safely. The price of the subscription if you commit to the full year of the boxes is $36 a month or $72 for the whole table. If one box is ordered the price is $80 these prices cover the entire cost of the toys with no play items having to be returned.

Diapers Delivery:  ABBY&FINN
While diaper delivery still feels like a niche service this new line of diapers goes the extra mile in every facet of their service. First, let's start with the quality and design of the diapers. The diapers are free of chlorine, heavy metals, latex, fragrances as well as lotions or moisturizers and harmful dyes. When I initially tested the diapers, I braced for leakage as I have used 'designer' diapers previously and while quite chic the diapers were not very absorbent or would leak. The diapers are super soft, easy to close and super absorbent.
This brand makes it a mission to give to the community with each monthly box subscription they donate a diaper a day to families in need. How it works is once the subscription is chosen you can customize your order, this includes ordering only diapers or combining diapers with wipes. A cool customizing offering is that parents can select one or two sizes in the 3 style designs, two chic prints, the third option a solid white that harks back to the classic days of diapers. This helps when you know your babe is about to go up to the next size. Boxes start at $45. We tested a box of 3 packs of size 5 diapers (46 to each bag) and 4 packs of wipes (240 count per pack) at the cost of $55. 

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