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December 03, 2015


Loving this new site Speech Buddies Connect a new resource for parents that helps streamline the early childhood therapist search which includes an easy-to-book calendar feature. And although the Early Childhood prevention is a big focus on the site it does goes up to age 18 which is quite impressive. 
I honestly know many moms who have shared stories on how hard it has/is to find the right speech therapist for their child. I myself have had days when I have spent hours ...really days trying to find a speech therapist. Couple this with the many parents I know are not able to obtain school therapy or find one that can work with their times, locations and budget.
Currently, the site is starting in Brooklyn, NY (yay for us) however the company hopes to expand to multiple cities across the U.S. in 2016 so for all our readers outside of Brooklyn keep this new site in your back pocket as this is one of our new parents resource!


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