Plated, a mother's helper.

June 13, 2013


I first heard about Plated through Jessica. I had never heard of a food delivery service that sends you the ingredients you need for a meal. According to New York TImes this is a thriving business.

What makes Plated special and the right fit for me as a mother is that they are featuring meals that I always say I want to make. High quality meals with foods that are seasonal and (mostly) locally sourced. They feature 5 chef-designed recipes each week, you choose the ones you like, and they'll send you all of the fresh ingredients you need, pre-portioned, along with detailed recipe instructions. .

In my dream world I am able to get all of this together but in my real world, getting out, putting everything together only happens when I have time, which is weekends. During the week when I return home from my work day home cooked meals are not ready until 7/7:30. This is not good. This means a late kid bath, story reading and bed wrangling. To avoid this I find myself ordering out at least 3 times a week. I did the math and for what is spent on these take out meals and loss of time (time is worth so much, right?) I can order a week of meals so I did. Last night I went through the menu and ordered 4 days worth of meals. I doubled up on one meal, Hoison Chicken Lettuce wraps for I can see my son eating these. I mostly ordered for my husband and myself for my son eats the same foods always. I'll test out the meals on him and keep a mental note on what he does like for my next order. The recipes look delish and even my husband is excited about the prospect of Plated in our future.

Best part? I used the discount Plated shared with Motherburg to get started. Plated delivers on the East Coast from Washington DC to Boston but are expanding nationaly in the next year. Just go online, check it out and use this code: MOMN21 to receive 2 free plates + 1 month membership.






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