5 jeans perfect for mom

February 19, 2018

A great jean may change from time to time in your wardrobe. Whether it is a change of lifestyle such as going from a corporate job to working from home or you need an updated style post-baby. Perhaps you live in jeans like so many of us these days.

Whatever the reason may be finding a great jean is right up there with swimsuit shopping. We could have featured 50 jeans as there are some great styles out there these days but instead, we whittled it down to the 5 jeans that we are vibing on right now and feel you will get the most out of for the busy mom you are, feel free to comment or email us/ dm us if you have any jean questions as we have become experts living in our favorite jeans. 

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New Favorite: Cali Denim - Boot Jeans 
This jean is hands down one of the most flattering jeans out there. The rise is somewhere between a medium and high rise which means it serves as perfect tummy coverage giving this area a smooth and not bulky look. Perfect for a post-baby mom or if you need a bit of a tuck in this area. Another plus is the stretch on this jeans makes for a comfortable fit yet unlike some stretchy jeans the jean manages to hold its form. You know that jean you had purchased when you were looking for a ton of forgiveness in fit yet after wearing it a few hours the jean looked two sizes too big for you? We have all been there. This jean which is made of high-quality cotton has a fabrication of 6% poly and 2% elastane ISKO Reform™ technology. What does this all mean? It means that it is one pretty comfortable jean that is perfect for a mom on the go. Sure, there is a bit give when you first wear it from the wash, this is normal or should be in a great jean, overall you will see the shape holds pretty strong between washes which is why it is our overall favorite.

The Updated Mom Jean :  RVCA Kewl Kid Denim Pants 
Boyfriends jeans tend to fit quite loose, what we like about the Kewl Kid jean from RVCA is that it feels like an old favorite without costing a ton. The mid-rise means you still have that sweet tuck in the middle as many boyfriend styles can be low waisted. Even if you have washboard abs, this is a great style as you can tuck your blouses in for a mom jean look yet this is not your dads jean as it all around flattering. This is the perfect jean if you are looking for the jeans you loved in the 90's (yes, seriously we loved the 90's!) yet want it to work with the wardrobe you have today. And like most true mom jeans this style gets it fit from the cut as it is 100% cotton, not technology or stretch in this baby.

The Skinny: Paige Verdugo
If you are still in the land of the skinny (jean) and looking for the best everyday skinny jean, the Paige Verdugo jean will not disappoint. This is a style that I have often included for my clients be it a celebrity or real person. The style itself comes in many hues and comes in long, ankle and crop. The fabrication is very soft, does not lose shape and is comfortable. It is not a cheap jean price wise however once you wear it, you get it as it has lasting power. A considerable style point is the design of the inseam and the pockets. The inseam elongates the legs, the longer, the better when wearing a skinny and the placement of the pockets are placed to lift up the bum area.

Leg Room: dl1961 Hepburn Wide Leg
Fellow stylist Audree Lopez introduced this jean line to MB. Audree shared that the brand itself is committed to using responsible sources such as raw materials. The line also works to save in the wear and tear of our planet in their design process when using water, energy, and dye to manufacture the line. Another plus is the denim line is made in New York, yay for giving work to New Yorkers and being USA made! Although there are many great styles, the Hepburn is the jean we tested and didn't want to take off. The high rise sits at the perfect place in the mid area, no bulging and a smooth front. The wide leg is super flattering and works if you tend to have slim hips or are bottom heavy as the bum looks great in these jeans. The Goldfield and Industry washes are 100 percent cotton, and it's suggested to size up if you want a true fit. The Blush Pink and Sacramento have ample stretch, and we sized one down for the best fit in this color scheme.

Room to Grow: Maternity Premium Full-Panel Rockstar White Jeans
There are some great maternity jean options out there, and when it comes to maternity denim, Old Navy wins for well verse styles and great value. With spring looming a white jean is a perfect piece for the mama to be to add to her wardrobe. The Rockstar is one of Old Navy's popular and flattering skinny style jeans and the full panel is recommended for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and comes in a full panel as well as a premium style. We prefer the premium as it has a waistband over the panel which allows you to tuck your tops in which is not an option in most classic full panel maternity jeans.

Photo: Ellen Virgona for Catalogue Magazine/Pinterest

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