New Year's Resolutions for the mother... December 29 2014, 0 Comments

Another year has gone by and with this we will have a New Year, a clean slate if you wish but we know as mothers that goals/resolutions are sometimes easier said then done. Here are 6 ways that can help you keep them!

Erica Says:

Hand write your resolutions. Haven't there been studies that prove handwriting burns into your brain better than typing?  Also - laugh if you will - but in college Erica would make lists of assignments due and once complete she highlighted it in pink (her favorite color!). Pink was my accomplishment color. I could look at my list and the more pink I saw, the better I felt and the more inspired I felt to finish more (so I could see more pink!). Think of it as a grown up sticker chart.

Create small goals. You want to lose 20 lbs.?  Write '2lbs' ten times and highlight as you go. Want to clean out your wardrobe?  Itemize it out - make a list of bedroom closet, dresser, and hall closet. As you clean each one, highlight as you go. Again - feel a sense of accomplishment for each step you take.

Be realistic. If you order dinner 6 nights a week don't say you will cook dinner every night. Start by half. Aim to cook dinner 3 nights a week. Then 4. And work up to your weekly goal.

Donna Says:

Don’t be afraid to make goals that will take longer then a year. I am entering year 5 of a five-year resolution/plan I made to myself that consists of 4 goals. One was that I start a project I was afraid of and I did…its Motherburg this blog you’re reading. Another was writing for other sites. Oh…. okay I still need Erica and and my sister in- law Bee to look over my published work but I am doing it and I have grown confidant while working on this goal.

Ask for support. This circles back to the goal I just mentioned. People, your fellow mom friends can help you with a resolution. It doesn’t have to be top secret, but if you do feel cautious about sharing it, then entrust a friend you feel will give you guidance and the encouragement you need to achieve this goal.

Believe in yourself. This is the hardest part about sticking to a resolution- especially for tired moms. Whatever it takes, affirmations, writing down positive attributes about yourself-then do this. One of my goals is to try to replace a negative thought with a positive. It’s not easy, as I tend to be my worst critic/enemy. But I am determined to turn my thoughts around, which will help in feeling more self-assured and confidant. This helps all of us especially when there are some bumps in the road.

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for reading Motherburg. We and our contributors are grateful to you dear readers for you give us the drive to write our little Brooklyn Blog!

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