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Being a mom means using some of life's learned skills and coming up with quick hacks to make the day to day easier which some of these skills can be called hacks. Whether you know these by trial and error or learned one by a fellow mom friend..these hacks are how we can make our day by day home life a bit more manageable. Here are 7 we love:

1. Re-soften hard play-doh. My son takes great pleasure in leaving the tops off play doh. I use water and a moist paper towel to revive the dough. First I add about a teaspoon of water and try to work it in the dough, it it is very dry I had a bit more water. I then take a moist paper towel and wrap it around the dough. Place it in a baggie or a small Tupperware at least for a day or two; the key is that it is airtight.

2. Use clear shoe organizers (the ones that go over the door) for the tid- bits that are used often. I just spent the holidays in Missouri where my husband is from. I always write about my crafty sister in- law Bee however my other sister in law Tracy is also pretty crafty. She is a bit of a mom MacGyver always making something I would get rid of into a useful tool for the house. She uses old shoe organizers (like these) and hangs one in the kitchen panty to organize craft tools. One is the kid’s room to organize super hero toys. The latter is the most genius. I must step on a toy every morning and night.

    3. Use magic eraser not just for walls. I love magic erasers and feel that everyone needs a box in their home especially for the walls but I am have been using them to clean the scuff from my sons sneakers. I have even used the sponge on my own personal goods like my leather bag …just my light color one, not taking chance on my dark leather goods.

    4. Use old ice trays for broken up crayons. Since Erica is a teacher she knows how to organize even the smallest play things. If you have the shelf space or a playroom then you have the room to lay out a few old ice trays and use them to save broken up crayons or even the teeniest tiny Legos. 

    5. Reuse baby jars. To store crayons upright, add rice for an easy shaker, perfect for paint or to store homemade play doh.

    6. Ice helps get gum out of the hair.  I use ice a lot if glue or gum gets stuck on the clothes. I am not even sure where the gum comes from but it happens. When my son had long hair and  I would find some gum in his hair when I picked him up from school-I was a bit freaked out but the ice softens it up and I was able to save his tresses. It isn’t quick. It took about 20 minutes of applying the ice but it was worth it.

    7. Baby wipe containers are quite handy. A great way to reuse these containers are for storage for barrettes, ribbons, and hair ties. Basically anything small that needs to be contained.

    I used mine for my son’s mittens and socks when he was little. It is so easy to lose these tiny things, keeping them in the top shelf in his closet, I hardly lost any. 

    Post by Donna

    Updated 3/26/2017