My favorite (and durable!) shoe for toddlers and young kids. May 06 2014, 0 Comments


The perforated shoe was started, at least in my opinion with the craze of the Croc. Once Native Shoes, with its more define sneaker shape hit the market, especially in this neighborhood, it became as one 6 year old told me last year “the shoe to have.” A 6-year really said this me! Wise young man. I was actually not the hugest rubber shoe fan however once my son was running through the city park sprinklers, climbing the East River rocks and the hot sidewalks during August this shoe became a fast staple in his wardrobe.

Now, you’ll see many imposters out there, and I buy both. I love the Native Shoe styles however, when one year we could not find this brand in the city or online for that matter, I ended up buying the Gap style. Seasons later, with less hype you can find the cheaper versions at a few trusty stores, yet they still sell out and they sell out fast. For some reason they are usually in the boy section but I still love them for girls. I plan to buy the Native Shoe style for this spring/summer as it truly the best quality. Now that my son is slowing down on his growing (at least with his feet) I find the $30 plus to be a worthy investment and they will be worn well into October. Not that I am giving up on the lower price version as we have the navy Children's Place shoe ready to go so the more pricier ones aren't completely destroyed. Here are a few of my favorites!

1.Native Shoes Miller Style in Fizz via Native Shoes

2. Native Shoes Herman Style in Jefferson Raincoat via Native Shoes

3. Surfside Sneaker in Navy via Children's Place

4. Perforated Slip Ons in gray via Gap

5. Perforated Slip Ons in Orange via Old Navy

6. Perforated Mary Jane Slip Ons for Baby in In The Pink via Old Navy