Summer Lunches and Snacks June 26 2014, 0 Comments

School is out today and this means (for most of us) we will be packing more snacks and lunches for the kids. Some parents will be in my boat, packing lunch everyday for kids in camp while others will be hitting the parks and museums keeping our kids active. Whether you are like my girlfriends Erica and Andrea (and many others!) towing X amount of kids around for long stretches at a time or in my boat I listed a few of my favorite links I use for lunch inspiration. 

My favorites:

  • Weelicious
  • 100 Days Of Real Food
  • 9 Packable Snacks for Long Travel via Popsugar
  • Need someone to plan meals for you? Momables is around $6 a month and will plan your lunch meals with recipes and visuals of what the lunch should look like. You can plan lunches for a picky eater, allergies such as nut and gluten.


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More lunch box inspiration via Momendeavors September 05 2013, 0 Comments

Momendeavors did a cool post on lunch box inspiration on kid approved lunches that includes her lunches as well as others from great sites. They are all so great and I plan to definitely use them when I feel stump(which is often) on what to make for lunch. The only thing I'll skip is anything peanuts. Although peanut butter sandwiches are the only sandwiches my son eats, I rather not risk a child who is allergic to peanuts getting anywhere near something that can be harmful to him/her. He can snack on peanuts when he returns home! 

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