10 Summer Camp Essentials

June 21, 2016




Summer camp for many is here. Whether it is your first round or your a seasoned parent here are the 10 camp musts MB recommends! 

1. NYC camps  spend hours at the park. This means a lot of sun. If your child tends to burn a rash guard may be a good call. GIRLS' RASH GUARD IN WATERMELON via Jcrew

2. Every year the issued camp backpack breaks. I love that this one as it is colorful and lightweight yet made of sturdy fabric. Paint Detail Buccket Bag via Zara

3. I used this nylon bag for the first time last summer and it is such a great idea. No smelly mildew from sitting in the your child’s main bag for hours. I doubt that my son organized his wet swim clothes into the bag but when the teacher saw it she was kind enough to make sure all wet pieces were kept in this pouch. KIDS' FLIGHT 001® GO CLEAN WET SUIT BAG via Jcrew **Pink option seems to keep selling out, if your heart is set on pink try original resource (which is where I purchased my son's).

4. These board shorts are fun and bright, I like my kid to wear bright clothes when splashing about. I or the teachers can keep a visual lock on him. Stella McCartney Taylor Swim Shorts

5. Labels are a must. First camp experience I literally saw another child wearing my son’s shirt and asked the parent if I could please have it back. Nope. They were 100 percent sure it was their property. I wasn’t the savvy mom I am now and did not label it , so they were right; it was their tee…now. Label everything. Minted non-toxic labels.

6. Sunscreen is tricky, at least its seem lately there has been so many questions on how well many of these popular brands actually work. Case in point: My family just returned from a warm weather destination where I ended up tossing 4 of the sunscreens I packed. Two were on the dangerous sunscreen list, the other two my son complain of burning. In the end I use EWG as a trusted resource on what sunscreen to use, which is why I always end up back using my long favorite California Baby. California Baby Sensitive Baby Sunscreen

7. Lice....Eck. I will be posting on this subject in the next few days. If you have not dealt with lice being prepared and preventative is key especially if your child is at camp. I spoke to an expert on this and will be sharing a some of her key tips. Fairytales haircare.

8. This Drink in the Box can be purchased with it’s own small freezer pouch which should keep your little one’s drink cold at least for a few hours. Another trick? If your child is going to be out at an outside pool or park try freezing their drink for a few hours so it is nice and cold when they quench their thirst. Drink in the Box. Ice on the Box.

9. I love small lunch cases for summer camp especially since not all camps offer refrigeration. Add an ice pack to keep food fresh . Old Navy has some nice and affordable options (But they sell out fast so hurry).

10. These re-useable lunch bags keep food airtight and are easy to open, good for small fingers.  Best part is that they are easy to clean and not wasteful which is always plus when you have a lunch to make everyday. ART OF LUNCH with Design by Budi Satria Kwan via Amazon


Post by Donna