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Hello, ParentsTogether,

First, thank you for posting this fantastic opportunity at ParentsTogether.

About me. I am a mother of two boys. My oldest child Charlie is one big ball of energy. My youngest Mateo who we adopted through the foster system recently turned 2. He is my sweet babe.

My career in editorial started as Market Editor for Redbook Magazine, followed by positions at Real Simple and Lifetime Magazine. When my former Real Simple supervisor accepted a position at Woman's Day as Editor In Chief, I soon followed as her Style Editor.

While at Woman's Day, I started to moonlight a bit and started a local parents blog, Motherburg. During this time I began to contribute more to and became one of Momtastic’s Latina Mom experts. Since leaving Woman's Day, I have been working as a lifestyle consultant where my clients have included the Wear Orange Campaign for Everytown for Gun Safety and The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Currently, I am contributing posts to The Digest by Little Spoon, Pampers, and The Spruce.

I am seeking a full-time position where I can work on what I am passionate about, parenting. Parenting is raw and beautiful. An active community supports today's parents by connecting with information, and storytelling providing them with the support they need. I look forward to connecting with you. Have a wonderful weekend.


Donna Duarte –Ladd


A few writing samples:


(Very Well Family/The Spruce links have to be cut and pasted on a new tab to open)


What do you see as some of the greatest challenges facing parents today?

The challenges that parents face today range from the simple query many of our parents faced such as what sort of crib should I buy for my baby to the extreme, will my child be safe today? There are many issues on our plate such as the environment to ever-changing politics that affect everyone regardless of one's party. We have our kids being diagnosed with special disability needs at a higher rate with some states not equip to providing the tools for a parent to know how to navigate the education system for their child properly. The scope is broad, and it can be joyous at one minute, and the next a parent may find themselves in tears. Thus this is parenting.


How would your previous experience contribute to your ability to develop compelling digital content that supports parents in their day-to-day needs?

My background as an editor affords me the opportunity of being taught to know a reader in every way possible. Peeling away the many layers to understand what is going on in all aspects of their lives is what I have learned from the many team meetings and brainstorming sessions that is part of being a great editor. My contribution as a mom blogger who is privy to information through my contacts will be a valuable asset to ParentsTogether. If looking for contributors, I have relationships with of some of the best writers who contribute to digital platforms with the relevant content that will benefit ParentTogether's platform. Most importantly I am passionate about parent communities and supporting parents in every part of their journey.

Tell us about a time you had a new idea (for a content stream, digital or media product, an initiative aimed at serving parents or families, etc.), and you iterated to develop it from concept to implementation. Please describe a bit about the idea, and explain how you experimented to test your idea, any pivots you made, and what you learned from the experience.

I started my parent blog Motherburg when my first son was a toddler. I had joined a few mom groups, yet I found them, at the time, to be quite judgy. As an editor at a large corporation, Hearst, I was surrounded by information. I was continually learning about the latest products and resources. I wanted to do something with this information, to land it on a platform that a parent can go onto any time of the day and just be. No judgment. Do you need a pair of jeans that make you look like you lost 10 pounds? I know that jean. You have that nervous flutter in your gut that your child has a speech delay? I've been there, here is a useful post from a certified Speech Therapist. Want to know the best restaurant that can fit a stroller? Of course, you do, try these kid-friendly restaurants. To test my blog I sent it to my colleagues, oy vey, be careful when you ask the best editors you know to critique your work you'll get more tasks to improve yet, in the end, it was worth it. I have made many changes through the last five years.

The latest pivot I have made is when I redesigned the blog solo this past summer and decided for it to have a more local thread as I was finding through my SEO search that my base is tight and local. The outside followers go to the site for the Brooklyn mom vibe be it if they are from Korea or Germany they are obsessed with Brooklyn. The most significant lesson I learned from having my blog is that each social media outlet is usually a different audience. For example, our Pinterest boards engaged almost 10,000 followers a month with 275,000 monthly page views where our Facebook and Instagram are smaller numbers, yet they are mostly local, or mothers who are continually private messaging me. They feel that they know me, I answer every question and have made friends with my followers through these outlets.





Highly skilled editor and stylist with vast experience creating fashion and lifestyle content for

print and digital brands. Deep understanding of how to create a product that reaches and

resonates with both local and national audiences. An excellent collaborator who possesses a

can-do attitude with a strong background in market and brands.


2010 – present | Founder/Editor | Motherburg

Launched and grew a local Brooklyn parenting blog, which focuses on a range of lifestyle

topics geared for the busy mother including style, shopping resources, education and mom

life essays.

  • Highlights the latest lifestyle and parenting trends
  • Create, research, edit and design engaging posts for parenting topics, mom style, education and lifestyle
  • Local guides help a parent navigate the best kid-friendly restaurants, birthday party venues and best places to shop
  • Utilize skills as a seasoned editor by writing editorial and branded content that is targeted to the parenting audience
  • Manage editorial calendar and a network of contributing writers to support a flow of monthly posts
  • Generate compelling social media content with visuals, stories and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest that are insightful and thought-provoking


2010-2018 | Style Editor| Woman’s Day Magazine

  • Oversaw market pull, styling, idea execution for feature and cover shoots working on tight deadlines
  • Utilized strong background in fashion and lifestyle experience to report on trends
  • Served as the style expert and the face of fashion in a monthly column titled Bargain Huntress
  • Featured on TV and News segments as a representative of the brand sharing tips and style advice
  • Worked on initiatives to concept story ideas, shape the aesthetic of the style pages producing content for both the digital and print sides of the brand
  • Spearheaded of all prep work for all photo shoots, including managing and styling run thrus and fittings to ensure a seamless shoot
  • Directed photo shoot productions including location shoots, managing photography, hair, and makeup crew
  • Cast a wide range of models and real women of different ages, ethnicities, and sizes for all style content
  • Produced and styled shoot that range from real women makeovers, location and studio shoots as well as overseeing still shoots
  • Managed style assistants and interns creating opportunity to grow within the brand
  • Wrote online style content covering an eclectic range of fashion topics for




2008-2009 | Style Director | Bauer Creative Services, Website Division  

  • Recruited, interviewed, hire and mentored highly qualified freelance writers and bloggers that drove increased views, returning/new traffic and generated buzz
  • Managed and directed all prep work for photoshoots as well as the styling of all still shoots of samples/products
  • Developed products to live online as related to traffic trends, blogger tags, and user forecasting
  • Worked with print content team to showcase products on the digital front to synergized audiences increasing traffic and engagement


2005-2008 | Freelance Fashion Editor/Stylist Style | Market | Story Pitching| Execution

  • RealSimple Family Cover, 2008
  • Real Simple Family, 2007, 2008
  • Real Simple WEDDINGS BOOK, Cover, 2008
  • COOKIE (Conde Nast) MAGAZINE, Fashion Contributor, August 2006 - January 2008
  • Travel & Leisure, Cover, December 2006
  • Marie Claire, December 2005
  • US Magazine, Interim Fashion Director, Spring – Summer 2005


2004-2005 | Fashion Market Editor | California Market Center

  • Fashion Market Editor for the California Market Center (CMC) a downtown hub of LA's fashion & creative communities
  • Communicated with showrooms and designers on the most effective visual way to showcase and present their products to wholesalers and press
  • Curated and wrote home and fashion trends of California designers for a seasonal list for press and wholesalers
  • On-site merchandising, ensuring a diverse product range and top quality looks in both fashion and home to give a visual to the thousands of visitors the CMC received monthly


2002-2003 | Fashion Director |Lifetime Magazine

  • Launched magazine branch of popular Lifetime brand, managing and creating the aesthetic of fashion, providing strategic direction across all style pages
  • Created and produced monthly fashion stories that showcased current trends and style for women across all demographics
  • Built a strong network of relationships with brands that best served the editorial and advertising content of the Lifetime brand
  • Shaped the overall fashion vibe of the style pages by executing story pitches, producing and styling all fashion stories


1999-2002 | Fashion Market Editor | Real Simple Magazine

  • Forecasted and reported on trends for a unique audience of readers
  • Styled and market produced all Fashion FOB and BOB pages developing compelling content for the magazine as a whole