Book I'm loving....Geek Mom

October 30, 2012

I’ve been reading an advance of this book and it’s quite the gem. The authors are co-founders and senior editors of GeekMom blog. The book is all about the love of learning and discovering through fun projects . Projects such as how to make the Blob (yes, you read it an actual Blob) a Come As You Were Party where you pick someone from a specific time or place such as a pioneer or an historic figure and dress up, play and sing the according songs. There is a wonderful chapter on education which I am really studying-for as a mother of a wild child who is really into learning his way , I find this chapter timely and helpful. You can get scientific and experiment by making a Sound Wave Experiment. The projects are endless, inventive and a reminder to us as parents that when we have our kids use their imagination and know how the lessons they learn are endless. The book is available on Amazon.