Kids Bomber Jackets May 02 2016

Although we may now be into the month of May we are still having some pretty chilly days, which means jackets are still on the coat hooks. This means jackets on. I am a bit obsess with the bomber styles  that are popping up for Spring for both grownups and the kiddies. There are so many darn cute ones out there! I'm definitely getting one for the boy, for this is the perfect weight of jacket I can get him to throw on since he is over the winter jacket, can't blame him. These jackets still have warmth and there are so many options out there you are bound to find one to fit your child's personality.

Here are 7 worth checking out:



3.No Added Sugar 'Up To Speed' bomber jacket via Farfetch

4. EASTWOOD BOMBER JACKET via Stella McCartney

5. BILLIEBLUSH Reversible jacket via Melijoe

6. Mini Rodini Space Bomber Jacket via alex and alexa

7. Awesome Poplin Bomber via Nico Nico

Word. Wearing your vibe. February 22 2016




Perhaps the 90's are truly back (and if you don't believe me on this just wait a few months) which may explain why we are seeing so much lettering again. I am not a huge fan of wearing sayings or quotes on my clothing yet I am finding myself gravitating to some of the cool words a few artful designers are putting out there. I also feel as a pretty tired mother I need a bit of encouragement pasted upon my body. Somehow a Good Vibes Only Please on my tee reminds me of what I like my energy of the day to be. Words can do so here is to the ones that make us feel good. 

 7 of my favorites:


2. South Parade Taylor - Loose Tee - Le Weekend via South Parade

3.  GOOD VIBES T-SHIRT via Mikoh

4. Madewell x daryl k® reusable mothalova canvas tote bag via Madewell


6. Paradise Brushed Sweatshirt via Topshop



Photo Source: Vintage Tee inspiration from one of our favorites, Clare V.

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Everlast: 7 styles to buy (on sale!) now. January 11 2016





The weather as we know has been out of control which is why it may be tough to wrap your head around buying some of the above items. However, if you are in need of some classics now is the time to replenish. Sales can be found on most sites and stores and the one thing I try to not fall prey to during this time is trends. This doesn't mean one has to forgo style, quite the contrary, as there are some really cool yet practical pieces out there.  

Here are 7 of my buy on sale favs:

1. Coats. A great jacket or coat are my favorite items to buy on sale. This season due to the unseasonably warm start you can find some pretty amazing coats that need to be moved out of the stores. Zara, who sticks to a delivery schedule is a great place for an under tk coat. Also, keep an eye on that more luxe coat you've had on your wish list, chances are it is or  will be on sale in the near future. Coat with Fleece Lapel via Zara

2. Boots. There are some great selections out there , I have seen 60-70 percent off on some pretty big designers. Vanessa Seward Sherling Over The Knee Boots  Net a porter 

3. Warm hats, gloves and scarves. Winter still hasn't hit so stock up on those pieces that are a mainstay in a cold weather mama's wardrobe. Jcrew

4. Jeans. I am in major need of restocking my closet with a great jean and luckily I have been finding some of my favorite brands on sale. This is a win -win in my opinion since jeans last years and are worn constantly. 

5. Undergarments. Yup, throw away that scary know the one with the hooks messing and buy yourself something pretty and with price cuts up to 60% this can be a guilt free purchase. Bra pictured can be found here and here.

6. Clogs. Clogs are big in this neck of the woods, I call them the 'mom' shoe for they are extra comfty and since i can no longer wear high heels I wear from drop off to work. One bummer is they are rarely on sale so when I can find a great pear even at 10 /20 % I pounce. Rachel Comey Silver Platform Slingbacks via Totokaelo

7. Jumpsuit. Another go to that I feel should be in your closet is definitely a jumpsuit for it is one piece dressing for the busy mom.  Pull on Jumpsuit via  Madewell

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Photo Credit: Style Du Monde


7 Coats perfect for Mom... November 02 2015




This 60 ish/ 70 ish degree weather we have been having has led me into a state of weather delusion or is confusion? This means when we do get a hit of cold weather I am ill prepared, fashion wise this is.

Perhaps it's the California in me when I say to myself hey it's wear... light clothes. This is not a smart move on my part which was apparent Saturday late afternoon during Halloween trick and treating. It was so cold every bone in my body was frozen when we returned home. My point is...yes this breezy weather is nice but it's not going to last (whah, whah) so it's time to be a bit serious about a fall coat.

Thankfully there are some seriously cute ones out there. Plaid, anoraks , duster coats are all having a moment. Which means if you are a lover of coats 'tis is the season to buy the one you love.

Here are 7 worth checking out:

1. Topshop checkered duster

2.  A Piece apart over sized vida coat via The Dreslyn

3. Zara wool coat

4. Boucle Wool Coat via Jcrew

5. Sea belted gingham Knitted coat via Netaporter

6. Navy wool blend with faux fur hybrid coat via Topshop

7.  Quilted Feather Coat via Mango  


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Top Photo: La Cool & Chic

7 Warm Jackets For Fall October 05 2015



One would say I am having a hard time accepting fall is here...the evidence is in my sock less feet today. However, like it or not fall is here and it's time to make sure my son has a warm coat. Last year's Patagonia was a life saver with the intense winter we had. And according to the Farmers Almanac we are set to have another heavy fall/winter (sorry) so a nice warm jacket is a must.

Here are a few that I am really loving:

1. This is a great line and Smoochie Baby has a tight curated jacket /coat collection that knows how to serve it's customer. This warm number will withhold during the season and will work for both school and weekend.Appaman Long Down Coat via Smoochie Baby

2. An affordable option for the boys with a reversible hood. If your child is like mine and loses his hat during the day at least you have this 'hat' insurance for when you are not there to keep tabs on hats and mittens.  Boys Padded Jacket via H&M

3. For the wee one and my favorite jackets. Incredibly warm and worth the price. I always feel good when I had these jackets down as the fabric withholds incredibly well. Baby Reversible Tribbles Hoody via Patagonia

4. A pop of color is always nice when we get into this dreary days of cold weather. Keep the tush warm and plenty of pocket room to store scarves and gloves.  Quilted Jacket with Hood via Zara

5. I couldn't resist on this one. It's a camo faux fur for goodness sake! Erica's daughter is a good example for this style as she is never one to compromise on style..even in snow and sleet. Girls Camo Coat via Joe Fresh

6. IF you have the parka covered in your kid's wardrobe and  want a nice coat this is classic with update style designs such as a wide collar and tapered sleeves. Faux Fur Wool Parka via Zara

7. My boy loves camo but I am a bit sick of it which is why this leaf camo jacket is a cool update on this classic print. BOYS' PENFIELD® BOWERBRIDGE JACKET via Jcrew


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Re-thinking the Jumpsuit. September 28 2015


If you thought the romper or the jumpsuit was a passing trend..wrong..this trend is now onto at least their third seasons with the styles are only getting better.

I have heard many of my mom friends comment that they do not feel they can wear this look. I do agree it can be a bit of a challenge however it is one worth trying. Why? Hmmm where to start...stylish...comfort-ability..easy to throw on and although the bathroom breaks do suck the one piece wear that is not a dress is what a mom needs in her wardrobe. I made some mistakes with the styles I bought last year... I picked them at a slim size where really I should have gone up a size, as I like them a bit loose. As mentioned the styles this season look a hundred times better. More nips at the waist, last years style seem to be all about the drop waist with a waist band which is basically stating that you have to hit the right points of that design to really look good. This season there are more crop options at the sleeve and legs...for us non- string beans we need to show a bit more skin to balance this blob of fabric-necks, ties at the waist looks and criss- cross fronts finally give us options. I also always wear a jumpsuit with some height at the show be it a heel or clog. For work I add a blazer or long sweater, as these pieces do need to be balanced.  Frankly, I cannot find anything to wear this season...I 'm not really into what the stores are offering so if you see me in a jumpsuit...romper don't be surprised as I am declaring this the piece that a mom needs to embrace.


A few favs:


Zara denim jumpsuit

MAMA Maternity Jumpsuit via H&M

Photo : Ace & Jig Checkered Dot Onesie



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10 Amazing BTS backpacks! August 17 2015




There are so many great backpacks out there it was tough to narrow them down to 10. As usual I went high and low for I rationalize that a well made backpack lasts a long time and is a great hand me down.

I actually haven't picked out a backpack for my boy yet so this post was a great shopping experience for me and also was another wake up call that BTS is right around the corner. Small screams in my head are happening right now...



3.  KANE via Statebags

4. Herschel Heritage Kid (remix) via Sweet William

5. Herschel Settlement Kids | Black + Gold Polka Dot via Darling Clementine

6. Teacher's Pet Backpack (Dog) via Land of Nod

7. WildKin Backpack - White via Target


9. JWorld Lux Laptop Backpack via Target



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8 Summer shoes for the kids. June 01 2015




I think all kids shoe brands should have New York City kids road test their shoe styles as truly these kids must be some of the most active out there. With hot concrete surfaces, miles walked in city adventures and rivers with rocky surfaces summer shoes really need to fit the summer shoebill in many categories.

Here are MB’s picks for summer shoes for your kiddos:

1. When Native shoes were at their peak you could find cheap imposters at all the chain stores. Now that the trend has died his is pretty much impossible. This doesn't diminish the shoe for me at all. It is a well built shoe that is perfect for the kid in camp, who will be traveling or is just all around an active child. I sometimes do not know if my son's camp is going to go to the water park or have a dance off with fellow campers. This style covers all possibilities of the summer kid in my book.  Native Kids Shoes Miller via Zappos

2. For the girl who refuses to wear crocs these are a stylish alternative. Jelly Shoes via Zara

3. When sneakers are the only option especially at summer camp these sturdy slip ons should pass the teachers approval. Girls Slip On Sneakers in Hearts via Jcrew

4. When your kid goes from zero to sixty this is a good shoe to see them in a crowd of kids. Gold Sneakers via H&M

5. Great option fro a pools surface and hot sandy beaches.  Beach Shoes Via H&M

6. For those pebble surfaces and slippery surfaces this shoes fastens on with an adjustable buckle fasten. Fabric Sandals via Zara

7. Canvas Slip Ons via Old Navy. If you are worried about a slip on or sneaker overheating try this cotton perforated version from Zara

8. Light weight 'sneaker' with adjustable tab front, perfect for the littlest of ones. Green version.

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10 Kid's staples with deep discounts you can buy for now (or size up to use next year)! March 01 2015



I know thinking about next year is the last thing you want to add to an already busy list. However, if this cold winter has taught me another lesson to why buying a head is a good idea, it's that these items will get worn. I have bought a size up or two since my son was born and I have always appreciated being prepared and having really cute pieces that cost 60-80 % below retail. Just yesterday I bought a few pieces for my boy (I showed him for I have written he has a fashion opinion now) and saved 70% on a few looks for this summer (stock leftover from summer stock) and for the next school year. I didn't buy a ton because staying in budget means you buy within that budget -your not helping your self if you spend money you don't have. At this point stores such as Jcrew, Children's Place and Old Navy to name a few have key items on sale with a coupon code for extra savings  off your entire purchase at checkout. 

Here are wardrobe staples that can be bought now and worn next season:

  • coats
  • socks
  • winter boots
  • snow gear
  • hats
  • gloves
  • jeans
  • pajamas
  • tees

1. Those chi chi sweaters we love can be bought now on sale ( at this moment there is an extra 50 % off this piece -making it $20) and saved for next fall. Girls Fuzy Popover Sweater via Jcrew

2. Buy the dressier pieces for school pics and holiday parties on sale. Tartan skirt via Jcrew

3. At $10 a jean, buy a few of these babies. Via H&M

4. I am now officially refusing to buy an expensive hat at the rate my son loses them at school buying cheap and on sale is the only way at this point. Cable Knit Hat via H&M

5. Same with mittens...gone in a day....never to see again. Find them at Gap, Old Navy, Children 's Place for a just a  few dollars and buy a few at a time.

6. Coats are such a big investment. My son has some warm cots this winter which I am really grateful for and reminds me that warmth is where I rather not compromise. Look for those quality coats at stores such as Jcrew, Patagonia and local boutiques. Fishtail Parka via Jcrew

7. Boots and winter related shoes are bought on sale in my household for there is so much one needs! If buying one size up makes you nervous buy two sizes as you know they'll eventually be worn. Leather worker boot via Zara 

8. Layer up with those long sleeve tees and buy a bunch as they are the best way to warm up a dress or a short sleeve tee. Basic Tee via Children's Place

9. Another key item I recommend buying on sale are pj's. Preferably footless as this gives more room in case of a sudden growth spurt. I love the sleepwear from Children's Place as they have a nice cotton section. Bird Stretchie via Children's Place.

10.  $12! This is how much this grey snow suit is, $20 for the pink. If your expecting or you can guest-imate the size of your little one for next winter definitely pick up one of these on sale. Via H&M


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7 Snowsuit/buntings/overalls for baby. October 06 2014


I loved dressing my son in his bunting every morning, no kicking blankets off while I strolled him to nursery school in the early hours. He lived in snowsuits and warmers from Patagonia which have been handed down at this point. Here are a few of my favorites, even if you live in a a warmer climate such as Hazelita (my niece) a warmer is a good idea especially if you travel to colder climates during the year or have cool and crisp mornings.

Here are 7 worth checking out

1. I visited the Stella McCartney showroom during the summer and drooled over all the baby and kids clothes. This suit will keep baby warm and stylish. Stella McCartney Wiggles Snowsuit via Zappos.

2. I love myself a good fleece piece, and this is perfect for baby when you need warmth and to put them right in the car seat, as most car seat experts recommend not putting children with their outerwear in the car seat. Patagonia Baby Conejito Bunting via Patagonia .

3. Water resistant with double zippers with micro fleece lining at the bum area. The two stripe reflectors are an especially nice touch for us city moms who stroll our babies day and night. Mini Rodini Expedition Baby Overall via Mini Rodini.

4. Windproof, water-repellent with detachable hood only under $40? Yes please! Reflective piping at front and back makes us happy and taped seams makes it perfect when the snow starts up. Padded Overall via H&M.

5. A less bulky pick with lightly padding with fleece. Designed with a long zippered front for easy dressing. Ribbed sleeve and leg seals in warmth. Kidscase Lukesuit via Sweet William

6. Because not every one lives in a freezing climate. This is perfect for the early mornings or when you get a chill in the air. Lightweight yet perfect amount of coverage. Quilted Chambray One Piece via Gap.

7. Basically the same style as snowsuit #1. Removable hood with detachable mittens. Stella McCartney Wiggles Snowsuit in Camouflage via Zappos.



Going back to work? 10 Pieces to get you started.... August 25 2014

There are a handful of my mom friends who are gearing up to go back into the work force this September. Eeeek. No, really they'll be fine, but it is an adjustment going from a casual wardrobe to one that is more work appropriate. Unless you have oodles of cash the best way to start is by building your look with some core pieces. These pieces can later be supported with other items once you have gotten an idea of what works for both you and your new job. I always suggest at least two bottoms to start with. One a bit dressy, if your new job is the right place for this, one pant that is not quite a jean but has the comforts of denim. Tops that can be worn with a sweater or a blazer and at least one dress for meetings or just when you want to be a bit dressy. I'll get into shoes later this season however if you're uncertain how dressy your new work environment is start with a great flat and add height from there.

Trust your intuition on what you feel is going to make you feel great. Don’t go nutty on trends, as they can age you unless you have other trends and many classics to anchor around these pieces. Ask your girlfriends for frank advice, tweet or Facebook us if you have a question, look at pinterest for inspiration. Really there is great advice out there for moms going back to the workforce world and you will kill it when you go back mom!

1. Equipment Riley Tee via Piperlime (Tip: You can find Equipment at half the price at TJMaxx and Marshalls)

2. Hooded Cape with piping via Zara

3. Ensign Necklace via Madewell

4. Front Snap Trousers via Zara

5. Silent + Noise Wristlet Wallet via Urban Outfitters

6. Ecote Suede Patchwork Tote in grey via Urban Outfitters

7. Irini Slip- On Sneaker via Loeffler Randall

8. The ropes metallic cape via Jcrew

9. Apiece Apart Toye Fawn Dress via A Piece Apart

10. Santeen Pant with Zips via Jcrew?



Closet Edit, past post I did on re-working your wardrobe.


14 BTS Pieces We ♥ tips on shopping. August 18 2014



This summer just flew by, okay we have a few weeks until it's officially over, but school is coming up like it or not. It's not surprising that our 'little' neighborhood is known for being one of the coolest places in the country. I am always inspired by the fashion here and the kids are some of the best dressers, which is evident by all the BROOKLYN themes I keep seeing. The LA theme is up there as well.

So here is the thing about BTS shopping, try not to get caught up in it. Yes, there are deals out there and I am one of the first who recommends shopping a great sale but one of the biggest clothing lessons I have learned from shopping for my child is the pieces that are well made last longer. I shop for him like I shop for myself, which is buying some chic- quality items sprinkled with affordable pieces. 

Here are 14 pieces I adore (there were more but not enough room!) and some tips on BTS/kid shopping:

1. Chateau Marmot via Darling Clementine

2. Pompom Detail Backback via Zara

3. Molo Nikki Leggings via Sweet William

4. Girls' Crystal Hair Barrette via Jcrew

5. Combined Leather Riding Boot via Zara

6. Girls' Nellystella Alexa Dress Jcrew

7. Kids' Happy Jackson Lunch Box via Jcrew

8. Hudson All In One via Stella McCartney Kids  

9. Stars Neck Scarf via  Zara

10. Vincent Twill Jean via Darling Clementine  

11. Appaman Long Sleeve Lion Tee via Smoochie Baby 

12. Boys' Corgi Patterned Socks via Jcrew 

13. New Balance Sneakers in Blue via Jcrew

14. Brooklyn Knit Cap via Zara


  • Sales can make you feel this sense of urgency, try not get caught up in them. If there are great offerings for your kids, go for it! But don't talk yourself into shopping if you're not feeling it. Also, try shopping alone or online, as a nagging kid may just fluster you into wanting to get out of a busy store and you could end up spending more then you need to. I save sale shopping for when I buy a season ahead and get great buys in sweaters, winter items and do it on my lunch break or online. 
  • I love H&M and Children's Place for basics such as tees, clothes for weekend sports and winter snow clothes.
  • East Coast moms: check shoes to see if they still fit ( I learned the hard way last year, major summer growth spurt).
  • Check last year's clothes- do zippers and buttons still close, are they comfortable? Do they just need some mending here but can be worn for at least part of the year?

The best children shops and sites that are based in Williamsburg/Greenpoint for the kids are :

Also great for stylish kids:

  • Zara for light weight coats, great winter boots and cozy sweaters.
  • Jcrew -has the best sales. My son loves the t-shirts there and the shoes which are specially made in cool colors for only Jcrew.
  • H&M- organic tees, skinny jeans, fun tees, pretty tops for girls and affordable socks. 

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5 Pre-school Backpacks for pre-school aged children! August 13 2014



Many people will argue that a pre-school aged child does not need a backpack.  And they are (mostly) correct…. sure you aren’t lugging Biology books home for homework, but you will be transporting art work, snacks, and maybe a toy or two.  And, nothing says ‘I’m ready for school’ more then a tiny tot with their backpack.  When my daughter started pre-k last fall, she headed out the door with her backpack and my at the time 2 year old son insisted he wear a backpack too….. luckily we have what I call our travel backpacks, which brings me to one of my favorite picks for a pre-school sized backpack:


1. Skip Hop Zoo Packs - Pre-school backpack


This back pack usually retails for $20 (they are sold at some baby retail stores that offer 20% off coupons…. hint hint, or, you can find certain animals on amazon for a lower price.)  Both of my kids have these.  They are large enough to hold a few necessities, but small enough that they can carry them on their own, and, small enough that you don’t have to bring the entire train collection…. haha.  Now a days, Skip Hop sells a ton of accessories to match - lunch bags, cups, plates, towels… fall in love with one animal and collect all the pieces, or, mix and match to have a zoo in your house!     


2. LL Bean Junior Original Book Pack

I am a sucker for a timeless piece (well, when I am not a sucker for a cute kid print!  haha).   The quality of LL Bean is awesome, my nephew has been using his for 4 years and my daughter will start year 2 this fall.  


3. Crocodile Creek back pack

Your tot can love an animal or theme in a less obvious way…. they feature so many different styles - animals, space, vehicles - and also have coordinating products.  But with a smaller print on the outer zip pouch, it is a smaller way to spread your love!


4. Baby Baggu

This past year my daughter spilled a drink in her backpack and I didn’t notice until morning… already running late, and no time to clean it up, I grabbed her Baby Baggu bag, threw her stuff in, and headed out the door.  It was perfect! These bags are lightweight and easy to clean, and, your child can slip their arms into the carry handles and wear it a back pack!  At $7 this might be cheaper than a pack of markers!


5. The North Face Happy Camper - youth sized

Kids love nothing more than to imitate mom or dad, so if you carry a cool North Face back pack, your child might just love this!  Again, a great size, an outer pocket for a drink, and even a front chest clip.  It comes in some fun prints, and, unlike a more toddler geared print or style,  you may get longer use out of it.  






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His and her and mama - sandal picks June 23 2014

Finally!  Warm weather is starting to become a regular thing and no easier way to transition to the warmer temps than to slip on some sandals - here are Motherburg’s top picks for boys, girls, and of course mama!


                                                                 For her - by Erica 

  • A sandal that has become a staple in my daughter’s summer style is the original Saltwater - and when it comes in fun colors like lime or shiny purple, how can you resist?
  • These stylish, yet functional thong style by Kenneth Cole Reaction are on my daughter’s wish list - I like the wrap around the heel, so even though it is a slip on, it will stay in place.  I am loving the mint color - they will brighten up any outfit!
  • For the more adventurous girl, here is a comfy style by Keen that also comes in fun colors.


For him, Donna's picks

For him- by Donna

  • My son is a runner and I have to put him in sandals that basically will stay put as he runs. He will also be climbing rocks, the park gym and jump on the water. These water sandals from Jcrew are prefect for they will support him in all his summer adventures.
  • A flip flop is definitely a must if you are like us Brooklyn moms who will be going to our local pool a flip flop is great on the hot cement. Or if like my sister who’s boys live blocks from the beach, flip flops will help keep the hot sand away from burning beach feet. Target has a great selection of flip-flops for under $4.
  • If your boy still needs support in his flip-flop Old Navy has a great selection of flops with back straps, this will help teach your toddler in walking with flips and cause less falling as sandal walking can be an art form in itself.


For mama - by both! We each have a different style, so we thought we would highlight the more fashion forward picks by Donna, and a bit more traditional by Erica.

Erica’s picks

  • My summer staple is the Havaianas slim style.  For the past 3 seasons, I find the grey to be a softer go-with-everything color vs. the black that I previously bought for most of my adult life!  
  • My dressy option is a wedge - I am short, so I love to get some extra height with the comfort of the wedge.  I am loving these kate spade platform wedge sandals - I like the neutral color, helping to elongate my short legs.
  • Finally, my husband picked these out for me, and I am loving them!  I had done various thong style sandals in the past and they always felt like I was walking on a piece of paper.  But these Sam Edelman Flat Thong Sandals - Gigi are super comfortable and have a great cushion to them.  I got them in the bright tangelo color and while I was worried about the orange color, they seem to go with everything!

Donna’s picks

  • Not in a million years did I see Birkenstocks becoming the huge fashion trend they are this summer. People have always been shock that I wear Birkenstocks, they tend to have a more granola vibe and people do not place me in this category. But in reality I am a California girl who grew up with a southern Cali beach lifestyle. Birkenstocks are so comfortable and when I became a mother I was happy that my teenage staple fit well with helping my feet stay comfortable especially in the summer. I wear this style as soon as the temp hit 70 degrees.
  • Another style from my Californian lifestyle is hurraches. I am a sucker for a colorful one and obsess IX’s stylish take on this Latin staple. I wear these on my casual fridays at work and when I need to give my birkenstocks a rest.
  • No.6 sandal clogs are hands down my work sandal the entire summer. They have the height I need so I feel dressed up and work with everything I wear. From the moment I put them on they stay on as I make my mad dash to camp drop off to a full day of work and then back to camp for pick up. I even keep them on if it rains for they have a rubber sole so there is none of that loud clunky wood sound some clogs make.



Photo: View From The Topp 

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Maternity for the mom to be.... April 14 2014



One of my favorite maternity looks is the boho/embroidered look. I will stop a mom to be on the street if she is sporting this look for I am a bit obsessed. I love these pieces for they are quite flexible and suggest wearing them to there be no longer any room to give. Wear with skinny pants if you are in a working environment, your favorite jeans and loose shorts for a more casual look. Many brands are have been including the bohemian look into their maternity lines for the past few season however I tend to find it year round at stores such as Free People and Anthropologie. If buying in a non maternity sizing a few styling tips:

  • Size up, way up. Give your self as much room to grow unless you are buying third trimester.
  • With mid length dresses as the belly rises, add some comfy leggings or your tush will be showing.
  • Look for dresses that balance with room on the top and bottom.
  • For tops look for them to be loose both back and front, in an A-line shape or have slits at the seam.
  • Some of the places I have found the Oaxaca style dresses at reasonable prices are People Of Tomorrow, Etsy and Ebay and of course Mexico.

Don’t save these pieces for special occasions, which will justify (to your budget) buying one of the more and usually costly hand embroidered looks. Wear the heck out of this look and after baby keep it in your wardrobe to wear for later, for as you will soon realize, chic is nice but comfort is a plus.

1. San Vicente Tunic via JM Drygoods

2. Dakinis Choice via Etsy 

3. Maternity Eyelet Top In Indigo via Old Navy

4. The San Vicente Blouse Black Embroidery via JM Drygoods


Photo: Photographer, Modern Kids Co Visit the lovely Oh, Hello Blog


6 Maternity lines for the expecting mother. February 24 2014


Pregnant women surround me these days, a few of my closest friends are expecting as well as a handful of co-workers (I may start bottling and selling the water from work!) and maternity wear is the hot topic du jour. It has been a good excuse to start posting on maternity again since I really love the clothes and it is one of the reasons I started Motherburg!

I always intend to write as many lines as possible to suggest to mamas however when it comes down to it I always narrow it down to just few handful. For really, you only need one to two stores or sites that fits with your style, and budget.

Here are 6 of my favorites:

1. ASOS Maternity: One of my favorite lines to suggest when you want to build a wardrobe of about 6-10 pieces. From skinny jeans to printed dresses that are cut to flatter ASOS does not compromise on style. The best part? Much like your regular size wardrobe you can wear these pieces from work to weekend.

2. Old Navy: A mother to be can buy suggested pieces by trimester or for the entire 9 months. My favorites pieces are their jeans, gauzy tunic tops and long maxi dresses.

3. Target: If on a tight budget belly support and maternity shape wear are quite affordable here. Liz Lange's maternity basics such as black jersey pants and weekend dresses can be worn the entire pregnancy. From experience online has a better inventory then the stores.

4. Caribou Baby: The local mothers know this Brooklyn jewel however what some do not know is that they have an amazing online store. Boob Design And After tops and tights are my suggestion to the mom to be who wants quality tops and hosiery that will fit well, keep shape and last.

5. Jcrew: Find Jcrew's most popular styles in maternity cuts. I bought large sizes in this brand while pregnant for I still wanted those stylish pieces weaved into my wardrobe and love that a mama to be can now buy Jcrew in maternity cuts!

6. Hatch Collection: Hatch is the line you want to wear regardless if you are or are not pregnant. That is the point. Meant to be worn before, during and after this drool worthy line is perfect for the pregnant fashion maven.



Photo: ASOS

Closet edit, getting your style back. January 20 2014





When you pull clothes and style for a living you are often asked questions regarding what to wear. How questions differ with new mothers or moms still in the early years with their kids is they are unsure where to even begin. What surprises many of my mom friends is when I tell them I have the same problems. A year ago I literally hated everything in my closet and not in a cliché kind of way. I realized I was holding onto my old style for dear life and I was pretty bummed out about it. I am still working on my wardrobe since I do not have a ton of money to buy new clothes and buy most of my new pieces on sale. What helps is that  I am honest with myself on what I can and cannot wear and this helps when shopping. 

The first part of rebuilding your wardrobe to work for you is to go through your closet. I love it when people say if you haven’t worn in in a season give it away. This is not always the case for moms for some of us take years to get our bodies to before children weight, to slim up in general or not at all, maybe we like our new curves! My suggestion is to take this all in. If your child rearing days are behind you then anything past a year or so is when you need to rethink a piece that you no longer wear. If you are still in baby mode then store the pieces that feel classic and will easily fit right into your post baby life. Worry about the closet revamp when the time matters such as the spit up days are over, your back at work, you’re sick of living in sweats. These are always the triggers that get most of us to start tackling that closet. I posted the (above) tips on getting started. Hope it helps and comment, email, tweet me if you have any questions or need help!


Top Photo Credit:

Color Swatches: Spring 2014 & Fall 2013, Pantone 

Bras with support. June 24 2013


One of the first tips/lessons I give to women when I make them over for a photo-shoot or as someone who has hired me to revamp their wardrobe is WEAR A WELL FITTED BRA. I styled a woman for a makeover years ago for a tv segment, this woman's chest literally was hitting her waist. She had had 3 children and like many women her breast shape had changed. I found her an amazing bra that made her look as if she lost 15 pounds. I begged her to stick to wearing the bra however I ran into her recently and she had gone back to wearing a bra with little support.

Having a well fitted bra is essential to how we look in our clothes and for some of us how we feel about ourselves. I like a pretty bra, doesn't matter if someone can see it or not, I like having something chic yet support is the ultimate ruler for me when choosing the right bra. Support doesn't neccessarily mean a bra must have underwire or have 3 inch straps, it's really about what your need is. I rely on underwire bras however when I was nursing I chose a bra that did not have any wiring and the support came more in the straps and the bottom banding of the bra. Now that I am not a nursing mom I am at a fuller cup and choose bras that have good side support. If you need to try a few bras in order to find the right one shop at  an online resource that will let you return or a store that has a well trained salesperson to guide you and properly fit you.

My picks:

Lace prettiness with support (pictured) Elle Macpherson Intimates I find this bra line to be a bit of a hidden gem. Line has a range of sizes and the bras are quite stylish.

The Non Looking Nursing Bra (pictured) Elle Macpherson Stretch This is the bra I wore while nursing. I wanted a bra under a hundred and to look stylish especially if it was peeking out a bit from my clothing. The non wired style was an extra comfort.

Stylish Support Stella McCartney Clare Under-wire (pictured)This is a nice option if you are looking for something to indulge in and you are in the 30-36 range and not pass a D. The straps are lovely and do not have to be hidden.

Great Maternity Bra Boob Design Fast Food via Caribou Baby : This bra is clean with a nice touch of lace trim on the top part of the bra. What I love about it is that is discreet while breastfeeding and easy for the mom to mange baby and bra.

Support for large chest: Fantasie Bras I became familiar with this line from dressing one of my clients who has a very large chest. I was pleasantly surprised to fine that it comes in from 30 to 44 GG  is priced reasonable and stylish. 

Reliable Bra LineWacoal Bras I tend to use this bra line on myself and the people I dress. The bras are well made and the support is amazing, I cannot praise this line enough I REALLY like the results.

Don't know your size? Here are some measuring tips:

Taking Your Measure

Not only will a properly fitted bra feel more comfortable, but it will make your clothes fit and look better. First step: Learn how to do the math, so you can figure out your own dimensions.

1. Stand straight and relax. Don't inhale and expand your rib cage as if you're about to blow out candles.

2. Using a soft tape measure, measure all the way around your body, placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts (example: 30 1/2). Add five to that number, rounding up if necessary to the next even number (36). Congratulations: That's your band size.

3. Next step: The cup. While wearing a bra, measure completely around the fullest part of your bust (across the nipple) without pulling tight. Make sure the tape measure goes around your entire back (38).

4. Subtract the number from your band size (38-36=2). The result will indicate your appropriate cup size, based on the following guide: 


Posted and written by Donna
Measuring tips via Best Fitting Bra - Find the Right Bra Size Guide - Good Housekeeping 

Chic Mama, building up your wardrobe February 11 2013

I’ve mentioned in the past ways to really bring up a wardrobe many notches. This is always helpful when you have gotten to a place where you can afford more pieces or are doing a complete wardrobe revamp. But what if you need to sort of start from scratch but not really interested in a solid pieces but need these items to work in that manner? Which means you need them to be basic so they can be worn often but not boring.

Here are some of the pieces I tend to recommend when you are not only fine tuning your wardrobe but creating a bit of a palate to start a new look. Whether this look is your stay at home mom look or working the corporate world which I honestly have been wearing fitted jeans to work like no one else’s business. I have some fabulous dresses and skirts but frankly, especially in winter, I cannot stroll a child, do drop off and run around in heels and dresses. I do better with a move-able wardrobe.

  • First start with a fitted tee, not too tight but long enough that it covers the belly and allows you to wear either out, belted or slightly tuck in. I love the stripe tee and highly recommend it. And for the record I have put stripes on clients that are a size 18. You just have to find the stripe in a cut that flatters your shape.
  • Fitted pant, jean or thick legging. This is where you may have to spend a little. However when you do the math the pant is worth it. This jean is by ACNE which are made extremely well and last forever. I also have found some great cuts at Jcrew but you have to try on.

The other pieces that you build your look with can be whatever you need them to be but in the order of what you need first. I also suggest thinking a bit out the box. If you are looking for a great sweater or a transitional jacket- look for one with an interesting style or design such as a scarf that has a strong pop of color. It doesn’t have to be totally out there, it can be subtle such as color block or a mix of textures. The trick is to keep the shape to what flatters you and rest will flow right into your closet.

The other pieces shown:

Tassel Loafers

Two Tone Duffle Jacket

Leather Bucket Bag

Chic Mama Beauty: Products to help with De-stress-ing... January 07 2013

I have mentioned here that I am stress. Not just a little stress but not sleeping well, headaches and work load out of control stress. While I had some time off during the holidays and as a the year was winding down I realized that just getting by isn’t cutting it. My stress is affecting my daily mood and  frankly has been bumming me out. In the last month I have made some big steps in getting some balance in my life. I first started with work with voicing my concerns on how my work load builds up with little pause to catch my breath. I voiced what was important to me (my family) and where my work day needed to end so I can focus on my home life. How does this all relate to bath salts? Well in my road to de-stressing I am taking more baths. I have also started acupuncture and yoga which you’ll here about this more in the coming months. I know products can get gimmicky and sell us tired parents on market-able words however I tested these products and they help. Are they miracle workers? No-  they aren’t claiming to be. However,  when a product has ingredients such as lavender or oils that are known to heal they do work. This is just a step in our day or week of taking care of ourselves and if some bath salts can ease my weary bones, sign me up or rather draw me a bath please!

1. Bath and Body Stress Release Mini Lux Bath also keeps skin soft with Aloe . Avail in Spearmint and Eucalyptus, $8.50

2. This baby is pretty luxe, includes almond oil, juniper berry, grapefruit to fight fatigue and reduce water retention, Elemental Herbology, $29.

3. No time for a bath yet want some oils that are know to clear the mind try Bath and body Aromatherpy Body Bar, $7.50

4. Kneipp Bath salts are one of my all time favorites. A container can lasts for months and they come in many different oil combos. The Balancing Mineral Bath Salt in Lavender, $19 always seems to do the trick when I need a hot bath and to quite a busy day.

5. As I mentioned about my job I sit next to the beauty girls and they hook a sister up! This Aveeno Stress Release Body Wash smells lovely and leaves my skin soft, which makes me happy so I guess you would say it works. $6.75
6. This Dr. Hauschka Spruce Bath lasts forever for its pretty concentated. It literally smells like a forest so you must like Christmas trees, seriously its stong but delightful. $32.95
7. The one product that is not a bath product however I use to drink this when I was doing a lot of pilates and my amazing teachers turned me on to it. It is a magnesium supplement that helps you to restore to healthy levels. I used it before I became pregnant and attribute it to helping me be in a more healthy state which is why I am back to using it. Natural Vitality, $25.49
*Definitely consult your doctor if you unsure this product and that goes for all beauty products, some bath products are not good while you are pregnant or nursing. I forgo-ed all baths while pregnant and I hide all my bath products from little hands for most oils are not safe if consumed especially by children.

Chic Mama- 7 Stylish Maternity Pieces $50 and under* November 05 2012

I finally sat down with Bee last week and worked on some maternity pieces she needed for work. I tend to suggest stylish pieces for I like stylish things. However, I would never say you should or should not wear something unless you are eyeing 5 inch heels (not safe.) It really is about how you feel and what personally works for you. For Bee who is a teacher she is on her feet and around young children all day, comfort is key. Starting with a basic maternity wardrobe and building around it with affordable pieces is key for her. For other expectant mothers a few dressier items are needed for meetings that work in a more corporate environment.

Basics maternity pieces we suggest:

  • Camisoles/tanks. There are also a great selection of cami’s with shelf bras for extra support.
  • Maternity black leggings and comfort tees  are always Kohls at a great price. I wore leggings almost daily to work and added one of the 3 dressy tops I purchased when I had important meetings.
  • Ballet flats or loafers with a rubber sole or add duct tape to make slip proof. A stylist trick is to scratch a wooded sole with the sharp end of scissors. If you tend to walk a lot buy a shoe that is well made. Jcrew tends to have they’re shoes made in Italy and they often go on sale, I found some great flats for under $70 .
  • Open long sweater. Comfort is key and during the cold season and staying warm is essential. 
7 Stylish Pieces worth adding to your wardrobe :
1. Step it up a notch with this blanket cardigan by Old Navy. With a bit more structure then a flow-y sweater it can work as a jacket for some and a layering piece for colder climates. I love the subtle print yet it will go with everything.
2. I met with Liz Lange a few months back and her passion for designing chic pieces that are affordable and wear-able is genuine. This stripe tee has stragetic stripes that keep the eye upward while flattering ruching in the stomach area. 
3. A colorful jegging is a great alternative from a black with no loss on comfort and versibility.
4. I have a thing for stripes and although some say to stay away from prints while pregnant, I totally disagree. What better time to wear a print then being pregnant?! And you’ll look chic, is this some pregnant crime? If you do do a stripe dress choose one such as this, v-neck adds length and long dark sleeves keep you streamlined without you being broken up.
5. This is one of those more dressier options for it is polyester not a knit which means no stretch however this is that one piece you buy a bit larger and adjust with a belt until you can’t. For my sister in law it will be great when she wants to not do the tee route.

6. This boot is the ultimate comfort for a woman carrying extra weight. As someone who constantly fell during pregnancy I learned my lesson, don’t fool around with the shoes-have a shoe that fits well and scratch the super high heels if you can.

*7. Unless you are one of those moms- to -be who is never tired (lucky you!)or doesn’t look tired then some color around the face is always nice. This is the only item that isn’t $50 ( is $60.) I couldn’t help myself, feeling extreme love for NYC post Sandy and j’adore this scarf.

Chic Mama Beauty, products that add glow& shine August 21 2012

I know I often write that I am tired, look tired, my skin is tired and my hair is tired but this is all truth. However, I am often told I look rested, glowing and I immediately give away my secrets and always will. For us mothers need to help each other out and share our secrets! My secret is makeup that adds a bit of light to the face, nails and hair. You never want to go overboard and most of us only need that one product to give us a bit of a lift. Here are some of the products that I have tested, given my friends to test and they have been given the seal of approval.

1. Sephora Collection Moonshadow Trio Eye Shadow, Dusk To Dawn-add just a glimmer to bring the eyes out with this eye shimmer.

2.  Stila Fiesta Lip  GlossTrio , theses glosses instantly add color and can be the one solo item in your bag if you’re a make-up minimalist.

3. Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, A triple threat this product moisturizes, gives a bit of overall color  and is SPF 30.

4.  Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer Sometimes it just as simple as some frost on the nails and this particular brand has a nice depth to their colors.

5. Givenchy, Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm, just dab a bit to get a cheeky glow to the lips and cheeks.

6. Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Foaming Gloss. This gloss is also available in three color tones, I have been using the blonde one to tone down the brassiness of my color. I do my own highlights so I have to be careful they do not become orange-ish, this has help considerbly.

Photo, Into The Gloss










Instant Face Brightener September 26 2011

Today is a hot and sweaty day,  next week may be a chilly 50. I recently started using this colorful tint from Benefit. What I love about it is that it manages to give me color in seconds and regardless of the weather it holds up. The best part? It helps my tired face not look so tired. I only dab it in the cheek area but it can also work for the lips. I’m so obsessed with it that it’s almost time for a new bottle. I hope this brand doesn’t go Prescriptives on me and disappear, for I am becoming quite co-dependent on my cha cha tint!