Between Seasons, Chic Mama to-be style.

March 11, 2013


Yes- it’s sunny outside yet there is still a chill in the air out there. I preach so much on  the transitional wardrobe then building on it especially between seasons. What if your pregnant and the fall clothes are tightening up yet you need new items to go another 6-7 months and not sure what to buy? For someone who is constantly around clothes I recall the frustration on not wanting to buy too much yet I wanted to feel stylish. Trial  and error always led me back to a wardrobe that was classic yet stylish. Adding fun pieces in the later months always fell right into place with every piece I had originally  picked as my starting point. My four piece suggestions are quite simple and some if not most are meant to be permanent.

1. Everything about this coat is perfect. The military style is lasting, the cut opens up to a swing leaving room for a belly,the hem falls in a flattering point so it can also work with dresses and skirts. Buy one to two sizes up if you need to layer. Via Zara

2. A good bag that doesn’t add extra weight or rest too heavily on your shoulders is essential. I always find great bags at Zara.

3. Yes, I am a big believer in the jegging, buy the expensive one if you plan to wear it threadbare or go cheap if you plan to buy a few. Trust me there will be days in your pregnancy where a dress or skirt feels too short and a good jegging will give you the coverage you crave. Plus it’s flattering! Topshop via Nordstrom

4. A great scarf that is light and will work even in summer is no nonsense yet chic. Definitely do not be afraid to mix it with a print as long as it doesn’t feel too clashy. Obsess with all things Lem Lem. Via Lem Lem

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