The Mom Juggler

March 08, 2013

I just  returned from a work trip. There are pros and cons to being away for work. The Pro’s : I get to sleep a bit longer, take uninterrupted showers and get to eat yummy food while surrounded by pretty views. The Con’s:  I am away from my son and I miss him immediately. Although once loved- I really hate travelling for work now that I am a mother for I feel that I rather be with my boy and hearing about his field trip or what words he learned that day. The biggest repercussion? I come back home and deal with a very happy child then about 2 hours after my joyous return the tantrums hit once he realizes that I am safely back and now he can exact his revenge. This is usually coupled by the mass emails work starts sending once they have gotten whiff of my return as well as the piles of dirty clothes that didn’t seem to make their way into a laundry bag. Yup. Laundry doesn’t seem to walk into the basket on it’s own. I wish I could give a neat little list on how I deal with all this stuff but I honestly have good days of keeping it all together and some days just good enough will have to do. By the time I made my way onto the plane yesterday, I felt exhausted and wonder how I would sum up the energy for my energetic boy. By some force of nature a wonderful woman sat next to me as she shared her stories of raising her ADD daughter (just graduated Stanford) and a son with Aspergers. She was frank with her parenting wisdom and I appreciated her tips and those words she said to me as we landed, words mothers need to hear when we are bone tired. “You are doing a great job, be easy on yourself and I understand how your feel.  ”

Photo, Source: via S E G E L on Pinterest