Chic Mama, The Un-Diaper Bag

March 04, 2013

Diaper bags are great and the thoughtful design of extra pockets, durable fabric and all those little extras is appreciated. However there comes a time when you are still lugging baby/toddler or kid essentials and need ONE bag to be the bag that works all day. Here are our favorites:

1. This is basically a high quality canvas bag. Well made the kind of construction put in a leather bag -this bag will be more durable, easy to wipe off stains and works with just about everything you’re wearing. Canvas Stripe Tote via Clare Vivier

2. A great bag that you can hook onto the stroller if you are going straight to work or appointments. I wouldn’t use it if I had to handle carrying baby for it has a short handle but with ample room this is a great bag that is perfect when you throw work in the equation. Shopper with Braided Handles via Zara

3. One of my favorite new lines. I love the canvas bags and how they have so much room yet are easy to care. They come in leather also but the canvas bags price feel a bit more do-able. Want Les Essentials De La Vie Mirabel Organic Shopper Bag via Bird

4. This bag will be perfect as we go into spring and summer since its made out of vinyl. This design is cool and will dress up the most casual outfit. Mara Hoffman Vinyl Printed bag via Zappos

5. A dressier version of a messenger bag this one can be carried or worn across ed body which is great when juggling a million things including child/children daily. Messenger in Azul via Clare Vivier

6. If your day is about function over fashion then a back pack is where your at. This bag is made by a well respected company known for their durable outerwear. Which is great for this bag is made to last with some great extras such as waterproof touches. It doesn’t hurt that its made with fun colors. Penfield Idlewood Backpack via Madewell.