Worksong Acupuncture Moves to East Greenpoint

February 21, 2013

This made my week! Isobeau, the owner and main practitioner at Worksong has left her cozy Franklin Avenue space to move to 208 Driggs Avenue, just past McGuinness (and wayyyy closer to me!).
I’ve been a big believer in acupuncture ever since I had a respiratory infection in high school that after 4 rounds of antibiotics still wouldn’t go away and after 2 sessions of acupuncture it was gone for good. It was as if someone snapped their fingers and I was well again.
One great thing about Worksong is that they practice community acupuncture. That means the cost is dramatically lower (you pay on a sliding scale of $35-50) so if you’ve never done acupuncture, its a great introduction. If you don’t like it, you aren’t out $150! If you love it, you can go as much as you like. When I was pregnant the first time, I went 2x a week. I really credit it with little to no bloating, hardly any discomfort until the bitter end and feeling great the entire time because the second go ‘round, I was all those things.

Worksong Acupuncture
208 Driggs Ave (btw McGuinness & Newell)

Photo: OSO