3 First Aid Apps at your fingertips.....

February 18, 2013

When my son was first born he had quite a few fevers. I took full advantage of the nurses hot line my insurance provided and called at the wee hours. The nurses were always helpful and gave great advice. Later, I found that many of the guidance I received from these hot lines and from the mom groups I belonged to that so many of these tips were also on useful smart phone apps. Whether your a new parent or a seasoned one these apps are a helpful reassurance of tips and advice that doesn’t hurt to have right at your finger tips. *

Kids Doc $1.99- This app helps you take the next step when you have discovered/realize your child is sick. With e a 3 step navigation that leads you to a guide of possible symptoms with a decision chart as well as immediate connections such as your child’s doctor or 911. More helpful info on the app.

iHomeopathy, $1.99 -A useful app advice on how to  determine key symptoms to what ails your child to treating everything from a bruise to a burn natural if this is your chosen medical first aid.

Kids Checkup, Free I’m sure pediatrician offices are used to worried parents who aren’t quite sure if their baby/child is unsure if they need a doctors visit or to run to the emergency room. This app is to work in conjunction with Cooks Hospitals however the advice and tips are quite useful and the easy language is appreciated.

*Side note: Of course as a mom I love these apps however when I know that my child is experiencing a beyond normal fever or he has (once again) thrown a joint out I know an app is not the solution, a doctor is which is why I recommend always calling your doctor when you know or feel your child isn’t suffering from just a simple cold or what not.