Jumping In

February 18, 2013

My dear co -worker who I also supervise has become someone I trust and while I tool away at work I chuckle at her stories. She is young, in her twenties and presently she is reading some books on thinking positive. If I say something negative she immediately puts me in my place. What is ironic, I tell her, is that I’ve read them all. I’m from California and from bohemian beach towns so of course I’ve read them. She has scolded me that I need to get back to the old Donna, the one who took chances and made strides with her life. I tell her I have a child now and a family, I need to provide for. But she is right. Of course I cannot just get up and quit my job but I am reminded every work day of the confidence that youth provides and how I owe it to my family especially my child to be the woman I am still learning/wanting to be. I’m lucky to have my confident co-worker, who was raised by a strong woman, as well as the cool mom friends I’ve met while living here who remind me everyday that mothers are the most powerful of them all.

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