Kids Sales Scoop

February 17, 2013

Here are some current sales if like us- you buy a season or two ahead during the end of season sales. Some of the sizes are slim pickings but it is worth going through and seeing if you can find that gem of a piece you know you’ll need next year at a great price.

Sweet William up to 50 %- Just bought some warm sweaters for next year.

Smoochie Baby  is having 30 % off on winter wear. If you are shopping online and see something you like on their site, give them a call ( I did , and scored a great winter jacket!)for they are updating the site and not all price adjustments are reflected.

Jcrew just offered a 40% off sale today. I purchased a few things for my son at an extra 30% yesterday and called today after seeing the 40%, asked for a price adjustment and was given it!

Stella McCartney Kids doesn’t go on sale often. If you want some cool pieces for the kiddies then you won’t be disappointed. 

Smallables- This European site has some chic offerings with labels such as Makie and Finger In The Nose up to 70% off which helps since the delivery will be coming from overseas.

Tips on Saving when shopping for clothes end of year.