Brooklyn BabyFEST

February 14, 2013

As you may know we’re been putting together Brooklyn BabyFEST on April 27th in Williamsburg! We’re so excited at the response we’ve gotten and all the amazing service providers and products we’ve learn about in the process I’m having a hard time sleeping at night.
For one - Abby Epstein - the director of the The Business of Being Born is going to come out and give parents a talk about her film and her own experiences as a mother. Home birth is often a topic parents want to explore and even if its not for you - the message of empowerment appeals to all women.
Also - We’re doing an ALL ABOUT DAD talk! Curated by local dads & publishers Kindling Quarterly, Kristian of The Boyhood Project & NYC Dads Group and a special TBA guest this panel discussion is perfect for men expecting or have young children. Dads always seem to get the short end of the stick at events like this so we felt it was important to give them a voice.

Look for tickets to go on sale February 25th! For more information please visit the website.