Toy Fair 2013

February 14, 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the Toy Fair this year and it was amazing! While a lot of toys were really geared towards older kids, I was able to scope out some great stuff! Here are few highlights:

1) Kettler Ride on Toy:
Not only would my son flip out over this guy but I love Kettler products; they’re well made and made to encourage movement and exercise!

2) Zeenie Dolls:

I love toys with a mission and especially when marketed to girls. The Zeenie’s are eco-warriers and are here to save the earth. Made with recycled plastic and BPA free, these are an awesome upgrade to a Barbie!

3) Moover
I just fell in love with this wooden toys online last week and was so excited to see them at the show. These Danish toys are not only easy to put together but they’re really well made and beautifully simple.
*UPDATE: Our friend Allegria have the Moover line in their store!! Check it out - you won’t be disappointed. Great wooden products!

4) Step 2 Ride on Thomas:

I had never seen one of these roller coaster toys before the one at Frolic and I have to say my kids are obsessed with it. This Plan 2 one with a longer track AND Thomas is sure to please a lot of kids!

5) Haba:

I’ve never seen this before and I was in love! What an amazing bouncer and swing! Love Haba organic cotton teething toys but this takes the cake!

6) Manhattan Toy Puppets:

I don’t know what it is about puppets but ever since watching that Being Elmo documentary, I’ve changed how I see them. These Manhattan Toy ones were wonderful! Colorful and playful and full of texture. Easily the best puppets I’ve seen!