Pouches for your homemade purees... February 05 2013

I’m a bit late on learning about this fresh squeeze line by Infantino. Seems it debuted a few months back and I am eager to start using it! I would have love this when I made my son’s food when he was a baby. And though he is a toddler he still  loves the puree pouches and for the most part it is the only way we can get him to eat his vegetables. At almost $2 or more a pouch they also add up to a lot of money! This would not only be a money saver, I can also make the mix of foods I know my son wants to snack on or have for lunch when at school which is mostly a fruit mix but with the hidden veggies that I like to web into his foods. I would probably only buy the squeeze station for I have a great mixer. The pouches are also a good buy, the only thing is I could not find any information  on is if they are for a one time use for I hate to be wasteful. The instructions say dishwasher safe so I take this as more of a yes then a no that they can be re-used. If they are for only one use then I would save them for school lunches when I know my son will not eat loose veggies as well as on the go when I just need him to have some nutrition to keep him balance. Have you tried this system yet? Let me know if you have!