Sick Day.

February 04, 2013

It has been a bit of a few days Casa Ladd. As I mention I’ve been sick. Not only was I shock that I so swiftly became sick, I was surprise at the degree it tired me out and how hard it hit me. Yuk is all I can say, and that flu shot I got? Did not help! Thankfully after some antibiotics I am on the road to recovery. I gave in with the work thing, I had a huge, really important meeting Friday that has been two weeks in the prepping yet I called in sick and although I felt enormously guilty I had no regrets and my office shouldn’t or else they all probably be sick for hanging with me! Also, like so many moms who get sick, a magical fairy does not appear (why?!) to watch over your children and clean your house. So instead of trying to keep things orderly I just did what I could. I didn’t care about winning any mom awards and ordered pizza and chinese for the boys and thank God for grandma for she just sent an early Valentine present of a spiderman coloring book and stickers. This with a back up Iron-man toy we bought on sale to use as a reward or for travel came in handy and bought mom enough time to take a eucalyptus bath and sip some green tea. Sick days have a way of forcing you to take care of yourself,  which means things may fall to the fray a bit and become dis- organized, messy yet surprise everyone is still okay and in one piece. Must remember this for the healthier days.  

PhotoMy Boy and I. He recovering from a scooter fall, me from my flu.