The Power of Om

February 01, 2013

So I’m sick. Not a mild cold sick. I’m throw down feeling horrible. There are a few ironic things going on here. One, I got the flu shot, second, I have been trying to eat right and take an array of vitamins. I have a theory and this is just my theory, there are no proven scientific tests to back me up. My theory is that I am starting to take care of myself. I am doing acupuncture when I can and have started restorative yoga. This yoga incorporates chakras and reiki and the teacher Ira is amazing. However, when the class is over I feel a bit off balance. My acupuncturist noted that when you have been covering up a stressful life you often start feeling looser as your body adjusts to being healthier. Releasing the toxins. I have to say that I am believer of this since this is exactly how I feel. And although I’m feeling off balance I am staying on this road of taking care of myself as much as possible. Ira, the yoga teacher at Awakenings likes to say things like “follow the unicorn through a field” The first time she said this the class giggled but then my Laurel Canyon(where I lived when I took my New York hiatus some years ago) self said to myself hey I need to chase me some unicorns and so sick or not I am in it for the long haul or the thrill of catching that unicorn.

What is Reiki ?

Have you tried Awakenings? They offer a mommy and me pilates on Tuesday mornings as well as a yoga class Thursday mornings with a $ 5 child care fee! Call for details.

Photo, Living With Bob