Bath Hate

January 30, 2013

Something about turning into a toddler had both my children go from bath time lovers to bath time haters! I know its very common in kids and I know they pull through but in the meantime I thought i might share some of the tricks that seem to work for us!
1) Try bath in another location - We’ve done the kitchen sink - a small plastic tub in the bathtub and both seem to work well!

2) This cool shaving cream trick - Gets ‘um interested and distracted so you can scrub a dub dub.

3) Get in there with them! Shows them there isn’t anything to be scared of and you can get them playing and having fun in no time.

4) Try a shower! If you have a removable shower head, turn it to the most gentle setting and give that a go.

5) If all else fails - sponge bath!

Photo: Baby King Blog