UrbanSitter Giveaway, enter to win a $80 Credit!

January 29, 2013

I recently had a situation where my back up care for work couldn’t take my son due to Hurricane Sandy. I had to be at work for I already was extremely behind so I decided to give Urbansitter a try. I am always nervous about using someone I haven’t used before but as soon as I went online to book a sitter I saw that two moms I know had used her, she had cpr training and had great feedback from other moms. My kid is tough to watch but when I came home he was happy and told me about his day and seem to genuinely be sad our sitter was leaving. I felt relieve for many reasons, the main one being that there is a back -up care or longer care solution out there for me as a busy mom who schedule changes on a whim. This is why I am happy to post that Urbansitter has offered one Motherburg reader to win an $80 credit towards babysitting. This is a night out, or a day to yourself! Go for it, give it a try!

What Is Urban Sitter?

Founded by four busy parents, UrbanSitter is an online resource where parents go to find and book babysitters recommended by people they know, whether  looking for the occasional sitter, full- time nanny, or last minute help. Parents can search sitters by a variety of factors from date and time available to areas of expertise, along with instantly booking jobs and even paying online. You can view sitters known through friends or an affiliation and have the ability to contribute written reviews and ratings to sitter profiles.

How does it work?

You register using your Facebook login and then then be prompted to set your affiliations (like a mothers group or child’s preschool or kids sports group). For example I could put in my son’s group or the local mom group that I belong to. When you search for a sitter, you’ll see sitters that your friends and parents in any of the groups you listed  have reviewed and recommended.

My favorite part is there is an efficient booking tool. I hate waiting days for a sitter to return my call when I am desperate to know who is going to care for my son. When sitters create their profile they update a calendar with their availability, so when you, as a parent search for a sitter, for say, Friday at 7pm, we’ll show you sitters that are available at that time. You can then book them and will get an email confirmation once the sitter confirms. 

Extras that are a plus in knowing:

When sitters create their profile they can indicate their credentials, like CPR training and first aid, so you’ll be able to see that in the profile. Many of the sitters are college students studying nursing or early childhood educations and others are fully time nannies looking for extra work on nights/weekends. We also have an interview feature as well so that you can meet them before a job.

Here’s How You Enter:

Contest ends February 5th 2013 at midnight .You can enter one submission every day and that will be an extra chance to win when raffled. 

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