Carriage House Birth open a brick and motar in Williamsburg!

January 28, 2013

While pregnant I was clueless on who to hire as a doula or even how to go about it. I went to another part of Brooklyn for my childbirth classes for I couldn’t find any in my neighborhood and  did not have the network of mom friends that I do now so I was quite green. I did finally connect with an amazing doula who ended up making the trek over to my hood. Fortunately these days North Brooklyn has a strong network of doulas and a trio of these well regarded birth experts have taken their business Carriage House Doula to the next step. Founders Samantha Huggins, Domino Kirke have partnered with Lindsey Bliss to open Carriage House Birth with a the goal to provide a holistic approach to support the birth experience.

The Deets:

Carriage House Doulas vision is to provide a space where expecting couples and families can come and feel nurtured and supported as they define and travel through their pregnancy, birth and early weeks as a new family. They will offer a wonderful collective of full spectrum doulas who range in experience and fees, in-house access to their favorite prenatal and postpartum body workers by appointment, and work shops and classes to help families prepare for and educate themselves in all things baby.  Additionally, the space allows them to a place where a mama can meet with their doulas or just pop in to ask a question in a comforting environment, and most importantly, face to face. 

Classes and workshops

Childbirth education, babywearing, breast feeding café, Childcare 411 – how to hire childcare in the city, The New You – finding your fashion in motherhood, LGBT family planning seminars, Reiki attunements, baby wearing…


Acupuncture, Craniosacral work, Massage, Reiki and other offerings to come.

Carriage House Birth is located at 97 N7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249. Hours are a work in progress however they are looking at being open from 12- 7 on weekdays and 10-5 on weekends unless there is a class or appointment. 

We are so excited that this space has opened and that parents will have more support in this ever popular part of Brooklyn. Jessica will be holding classes such as how to hire childcare, I will also be holding workshops on post mother fashion.  Also, a bit of a side note on this: I know for some women who may be trying or struggling to get pregnant and may feel that this is only geared towards pregnant women, it is not. Something I haven’t gotten too deep on here is that I have been struggling to have a second child. Doulas are quite knowledgeable on leading you to experts on all pregnancy aspects. Domino Kirke sent me to an amazing Acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. She gave me guidance that has been instrumental in giving it one last try. A birth center is about birth and they do understand the road to getting there and are a wealth of information. This is why this space is amazing. See you there!

Photo Credit: Samantha Huggins, Lindsey Bliss