My mom morning routine

January 28, 2013

I start my morning pretty early (what parent of young children doesn’t?) and have found that I need a few essentials to keep myself feeling as together as one who gets up at 6 in the morning can. Of course my son can change the course of how efficiently we get out in the morning, this morning it was a missing iron-man that threw everything off kilter for about 15 minutes. But if i didn’t have some form of a routine I’d be in trouble for I still made it to work on time. I’ve narrowed down what I need every morning in order to get out of the house and go about my day as well as to try to stay healthy for the week. Here are some of my morning must have’s. What’s your routine? What works for you? Let us know!

  • I’ve had circles since birth (it seems) I need a serious concealer, I suggest keeping one in your bag if like me you are prone to dark circles.  Stila Brighten and Correct Concealer
  • I need a bag that carries everything including shoes and books I have to read for work. Function triumphs when needing to trek around from a preschool environment to a work one. Ladybird Boulevard Tote
  • I love this highlighter , it can be the only thing that you wear and it takes you from tired to flush with a glow in seconds. I’m addicted. Laura Geller Ombre Baked Blush.
  • Baggu Backpack carries everything from my sons small backpack to all the essentials he’ll need throughout his day. It fits perfectly on the stroller and wish I would’ve had this a few years ago.
  • I’m working hard this winter on trying to not get as sick as I was last winter. I use the Emergen C packs almost daily , the coconut water is used when I feel a cold coming on but not daily, too spendy. I pretty much need a cup of green tea daily thankfully it is full of anti oxidants!