Print Instagram Photos

January 17, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of great photos on your Instagram account that you might like to keep or use as gifts. After much research, I’ve discovered a few great places to make prints and other stuff via Instagram. They all would make great gift ideas for grandparents, spouses and even for that child welcoming a little brother or sister or for yourself and family to enjoy for years to come! 

1) PostalPix - PostalPix lets you choose the photo, print for a tiny cost and they mail it to you taking the hassle out of photo printing. Prints start at $.029 and a variety of sizes, items like mouse pads, phone cases and aluminum prints! 

2) Blurb Books - Blurb will connect to your Instagram account and let you create books from the photos you’ve stored there. Priced start at $10.95 and the store offers tons of design and text options. 

3) Printstagram - Another print app but they print in squares like Polaroids, minibooks, miniprints, annual calendars and stickers! Prices start at $10! 

Photo: Little Duck Organics