Just the two of us

January 17, 2013

We did it! We took our first vacation without kids! Despite all the nerves and fear of upset, the whole venture went off without a hitch. My husband and I had a great time eating without hinderance, sleeping through the night and doing a few things we couldn’t without kids like skiing and snowmobile riding. We went up to Lake Placid and stayed at an awesome little place call the Mirror Lake Inn. Great food, ambiance and easily merits another visit. 

I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things that got us and our babysitter (AKA Grandma) through the separation so you too can get away for a romantic weekend without your little ones. I can’t express how much we enjoyed talking and resting! Great way to keep the fires burning. 

1) Prepping the babysitter - Obviously grandparents, aunts, uncles or their nanny are the preferred choice as the kids know them and chances are they’ll be free. But regardless- take an extra day to show whomever is watching your child(ren) your routines, what they like to eat and your child’s preferences for things like bed or bath, how to prep a lunch for school and any other things you can think of. Also make a list with all pertinent info: pediatrician info, hospital info, insurance card, backup babysitters, places to go should the weather be crappy and art supplies to keep them busy.

2) Prepping the kid(s)- Make sure you start talking to them and telling them what you’ll be doing and that you’ll be away for a few days; even if you think they’re too young to understand. This works to calm any fears you might have as well as get them ready to expect an absence. And leave them with a project like drawing some pictures or make an art project just for you.  Also try Skype or Facetime while away. It helps them to see your face & hear your voice. 

3) Prep some meals - This will just make life easier for whomever is babysitting. Make a few meals that you know your kids will love and eat. Leave some treats like ice cream and petty cash should they decide to order in some pizza. 

4) Once you get to your destination: Really unplug - the hotel we stayed at had a strict no cell phone policy and miraculous things happen when you turn off the phone (or at least to vibrate). Enjoy it! All of it! We took snowmobile rides, went skiing and ate long romantic dinners - things we know would be hard with two kids in tow. 

5) Bring a gift back! What kid doesn’t love a little gift. Plus it creates a positive association with you being away! 

Just a shout out to the Mirror Lake Inn. We had an amazing time & planning our return already. While it seemed better suited to couples, they are also very family friendly so check them out. Fairly easy drive from the city and there is plenty to do. 

Photo: Mine