Our Gluten Free Journey, an update.

January 15, 2013

I posted a few weeks back on changing up my son’s diet to be more if not eventually gluten free in hopes it will balance some of his energy. Since then I was sent some helpful links and recipes by a few helpful friends. My friend Jen from the haystack needle sent me some really helpful information as well as introduced me to Cannelle et Vanille’s an amazing blog written by Aran Goyoaga who has book Small Plates Sweet Treats  with yummy gluten free recipes. My sis in law Bee sent me recipes from Glutten Free Mommy which also has recipes my family would eat as well as great cookie ones I am planning on trying. I have to give an honorable mention to one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Supper although not a gluten free blog per se they cook so in season that I have found so many of their recipes to not have any gluten and that are delicious to make.

Photo, Cannelle et Vanille