Greening Birthday Parties

January 09, 2013

Nothing like a birthday party to make you realize how wasteful our culture is! I’m just as guilty as the next but after last weekends bash, I’ve vowed to make it greener! 

Here are a few of my ideas:

-Skip the gift bags- I personally hate them anyhow and never have done them and try always to not take one. Its a nice gesture, but really who’s going to miss them if they go away? 

-Toothpicks - I was thinking as I was throwing all these forks that had been used so briefly away, next time it will only be food you can eat with a toothpick or by hand! Less plastic and wood is compostable. 

-Reusable everything- I bought some reusable tablecloths & plastic cups (with lids and straws) for next party. Just have to wipe down and wash and they’re game for the next party! 

-Homemade decorations - Time to bust out the sewing machine and make some cool streamers and get creative! 

Photo: Acme Party Box Co