Positive Reinforcement-the pom pom experiment.

January 08, 2013

So we’re working with what we can here at the Ladd household and have started this point system. My son at 3 has become independent, outspoken and very matter of fact about where he wants to go, when and what he can say whenever he wants. Well mom and dad can tolerate a lot but in the real world there are rules and civility is one of them which we have challenges in getting him to behave understand this. I had seen this post on wolfelicious.blogspot from a teacher who does this Caught You Being Good Jar as a positive reinforcement for her students. It is used as a behavioral management tool where when kids are rewarded for what they are expectant to do the others tend to follow. With C  we are more or less doing the same, rewarding for good behavior with this point system, or pom pom system as I call it for I am using pom poms to for each good deed. So far so good. He stills falls back to his wicked ways from time to time but as he collects more poms he is starting to get excited. The site also includes a PDF of slips you can give out as a reward that your child was Caught doing/being good. Click here if you would like the link.