Draw your 2013 in the stars! Via Timbuktu

January 04, 2013

A couple of days ago, we stumbled upon an amazing series of pictures by Thierry Cohen. Like this one, of San Francisco.

By superimposing the sky outside urban spaces to the cities we know, the photographer shows us how the sky would look, at night, if it weren’t for light pollution. It’s completely mind-blowing: we bet looking at a sky like this any wish would come true! What would you ask the stars?

Let’s make looking at the stars more often a new year’s resolution, together with getting out of the city once in a while, to be able to see the starry sky better. It’s important that we teach our kids how wonderful our planet is, and to respect nature: showing them what impact we have on it (with light pollution, for instance) will make them understand the importance of not being careless when it comes to the environment.

And next time you are under a starry sky, try to recognize constellations with your children. They don’t need to be “traditional” ones, you can be creative and find new star signs, like the ones you can draw in the sky today on Timbuktu with the special horoscope game! Each of our fun signs comes with a wish for 2013 that you can share with your friends as a card.

We hope the stars bring you and your family the best 2013, full of everything you desire and a lot of fantastic family time. On our part, our wish for the next year is that we help you have fun with your kids – because happy families makes us the happiest.

So here is to a wonderful 2013 together, cheers!

Brought to you by Timbuktu.