Reclaim yourself

January 03, 2013

Two great courses I thought I’d point out for new moms; one local and one via correspondence. Being a new mom can be overwhelming and exhausting and for me it took so long to get back to the things I loved to do and feel semi-normal again and regain a sense of balance. If you’re struggling, there are two great courses you can take to regain yo bad self: 

A Workshop to Reclaim Your Rad Self
Caribou Baby
Saturday, January 26th
Cost: $20 (includes a one-on-one personalized 30 minute follow-up phone coaching session)
In this workshop, Kacey Kaufman AKA The Rad Mom Coach partners with mothers to support them in rediscovering who they are as individuals and finding their passion during motherhood. Clients gain profoundly valuable insight and awareness into who they are as individuals and as mothers, they accomplish unimaginable goals AND have one hell of a good time in the process. Kacey’s coaching style is much like her personality- uniquely empathic and intuitive, high-energy and fun-loving with plenty of humor, a splash of edginess and a whole lotta heart.

Inner Mama Mastery Program 
By correspondence
Check website for details & purchase
This is from our friend Jenny Fenig and I took this course. I would recommend it to ANYONE who feels lost in the shuffle of motherhood and life. I learned many many things I still use today and credit it with getting my sanity back. If any of the below sound like you, this course is for you: 
-Your life is out of balance and you always have the nagging feeling that you’re dropping one or more of the balls you are juggling, despite your best intentions.
-You’re not sure how you can possibly be the best mom, wife/partner, careerist, friend, daughter that you want to be.
-You want your family to be an authentic representation of your core values … but you’re not quite sure what those values are or how to translate them into tangible action steps.
-You wish you felt sexier and in shape (like you got your “groove back” since having kids).
-You’re tired of feeling tired and are too exhausted to figure out how to stop the cycle of deprivation.
-You’re spinning your wheels, doubting your decisions (or lack of decisions), and desperately want to increase your confidence, but find it challenging when all the parenting experts tell you something different. Does it all just leave your head spinning?
-You deeply wish you had a strong support network of moms who really ‘gets you’ and understands what makes you tick (even though you have great girlfriends!).
-You’re exhausted from trying to be perfect.

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