Weatherproof, some of my winter pieces...

December 21, 2012

Today is the official start of winter which means I am about to start wearing the same thing especially if the weather gets crazy. I tend to look a bit like I work on a ranch with the pieces I have come to rely on but they are warm and comfortable! The key to weather-proofing your wardrobe is to look for your essential everyday pieces such as your jacket and shoes to be somewhat if not altogether water resistant and can be worn as an everyday piece rather then a snow day. I also bring out the KIWI products and weatherproof my bag and shoes in case I get caught in some bad weather on my way home.

My Picks:

1. Hats are chic,yes, but I like the fact that they hide my circles and trick the eye into make me look less tired. I’m obsess with Rag and Bone hats however you can also find great well crafted hats in old school hat shops which Broadway in South Williamsburg has a few. Here is a great neutral one for $21  and Need Supply has great options as well.

2. Twill jackets can be waterproofed if the cotton is waxed which repels rain and helps with the wind yet they are light enough to be layered according to the weather. Filson and Carhartt  are two of the best but you can find imposter’s at stores in the men’s section of H& M and Zara. I found one for my husband (that I am wearing) at H&M for $50.

3. I hate dealing with a long scarf when walking in bad weather. Infinity scarves/circle scarfs are a warm solution and can be found in every price range. This is a cute one from Madewell.

4. Loose fit sweaters are key to me, I need to be comfortable especially when running around, I like v-necks I can wear a hint of a color underneath. Via Madewell.

5. I wear the clog boot as a light rain boot and all around bad weather boot. They seem to be holding up and I am always grateful that they are comfortable and easy to wear with so much. No.6 is a Brooklyn favorite and because most well made clogs are crafted they are set in price. I do see at least one style on sale at Bird usually every winter sale. Ugg  also has affordable options on Zappos.

6. Don’t judge me when you see me in the same pants all winter. I love a great jean and wear the heck out of it. I’ve been favoring Jcrew jeans these days, they seem to master a great slim jean with their matchstick cut.