Winter weather skin survival kit

December 06, 2012

It’s hard to believe that just yesterday the weather was in the 60’s!! Crazy! 
I wanted to share my winter weather skin survival kit. As soon as it starts to turn cold - I grab each of these so I’m not a dried out prune of a lady. These products keep my skin hydrated and glowing. Now I’m not a huge beauty person but these products are THE must-haves for winter:

1) Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream
This stuff is amazing. Thick and after 2 days leaves your face as soft and supple as a baby’s butt. Promise! I’m on year 6 of this stuff during the winter and couldn’t survive without it. Plus if you like it - they make a light version for the summer! 

2) Nuxe 24-Moisturizing Lotion:

Not the most inexpensive lotion you’ll ever buy but a bottle will last you the whole winter and leaves your dried out skin satiny + the smell is to die for! 

3) Coconut Oil
Straight up coconut oil makes a great natural moisturizer!  Straight after a bath or shower, lather yourself up in its goodness. Also makes a great diaper rash deterrent and safe for babies and kids of all ages. 

4) Badger lip balm

Love this lip balm year round! Organic, lovely flavors and does the job! 

5) For the kids-Weleda Calendula Face cream: 

This stuff is amazing for those wind-whipped winter faces! Dab at bedtime and they’ll wake as if nothing ever happened! 

Photos: Products respective websites