Winterizing baby!

November 21, 2012

When it comes to baby gear there is always the basics/must haves, then the useful then the extra cool stuff that isn’t entirely necessary but helpful and cutting edge! When it comes to winter and baby; these general rules are so true!
So here are our picks for winterizing baby:

The Basics:
7am Enfant 212 Evolution Stroller bunting, $189 - Available at Smoochie Baby


 Yeah the Evolution is pricey but its worth it.
1) It lasts up to size 4T!!
2) It adjusts to your child’s size
3) It has an amazing resale value
4) Nothing competitive on the market. NOTHING comes close to how awesome this bunting is. Thats why you see so many of them! 

7 am WarMMuffs, $38 - Available at Wee Babe

These muffs are a god-sent when it cold because they attach to the stroller! No more lost gloves or forgetting them at home/in a store/at the playspace. They are ready to go as soon as you set your hands on the stroller. 

The Extra Special & Cool:
M Coat Maternity and Babywearing Jacket, $385.00 - Available at Caribou Baby

This coat is amazing! While you could easily get away with other coats; why would you? This coat will stay with you for years to come. It converts from a maternity winter coat to a babywearing coat to a regular and stylish one when you’re done! Perfect for the mom who is planning to have more than one baby. This coat is amazing! 

Photos: 7am Enfant & Caribou Baby