Things I've done as a mom....

November 15, 2012

Its funny the things we do when we become parents. I can recall many many things I swore to myself I would never do when I became a mom that I have since done….
I wanted to share a few of those things; not in an attempt to brag but more to shed light to one of those places mom’s like to hide: feeling bad and guilty! Often times when I do consults with pregnant or new moms the shame and guilt is so intense its impossible not to address. I have to remind them there’s no right way to parent. Even parenting experts can’t agree on anything and you’re never going to do perfectly.
So here is my list of things I thought I might never do or say or ways I’d act but I’ve done it. I own them. They just give me fuel to do better next better. Its the best lesson to pass on! 

Things I’ve Done Since Becoming a Mom

1) Leave the house without my hair done or teeth brushed

2) Let my kids cry

3) Say Shut Up

4) Smoke

5) Loose my temper

6) Use disposable diapers

7) Used my mouth as a hand

8) Put off changing that nasty diaper for as long as possible…

9) Let my kids eat something that fell on the floor

10) Eat McDonalds

11) Not leave the house once in a 24 hour period

12) Play with the Ipad a bit too long

13) Make a mess of the kitchen so I could finish some work

14) Paint the wall

15) Eat dinner in front of TV

16) Let them leave without a coat on despite being 30 degrees based entirely on their resistance

17) Eat candy 

18) Eat chocolate for breakfast

19) Eat a popsicle for breakfast

20) Forgotten brush their teeth as I’m putting them down

21) Skipped a bath…. 2 days in a row

Photo: Roger Hagadone