Thanksgiving with kids

November 14, 2012

As if getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table wasn’t hard enough… throw a kid or three in the mix and it gets downright crazy! While technically kids under 5 shouldn’t be expected to sit through an entire Thanksgiving meal; younger children should at least sit for part of it. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful to have an at least semi-awesome-sit-down Thanksgiving dinner with kids:

-Kids Table: This is MAJOR especially if you’re having other kids over. Gives kids some freedom to be well… kids! 

-Appoint the oldest kids the ‘game ambassador’:Put the biggest kids in charge to make sure everyone sits down until they’ve finished dinner and to create games and tell jokes. 

-Have kids help with dinner: Not only does this entertain them while you’re cooking but it helps in getting them to chow down on all the good stuff they’ve made! 

-Crafts: Crayons and paper aren’t just for restaurants. Cover the table with paper and let them go to town! 

Photo: Fun Times Guide