Bird River Studios!

November 08, 2012

I finally had a chance to stop by Bird River Studios and was super pleased! The space is massive and it has EVERYTHING art you could think of right down to a kiln! 

They offer kids classes, after-school as well as adult classes. Plus the best part is the space is perfect for a birthday party + they have a sweeeeeet backyard you can use as you please. Thinking this might be the perfect place for a July birthday girl…. kids can craft while mommy mans the BBQ in the backyard + sips a beer.

But I digress. For more information about their classes - click here.
Personal stand-outs for me are: Shoe Making! Painting with a French Twist! Ceramics! 

Check it out for yourself: 

Bird River Studios
343 Grand Street, Williamsburg 

Photo: NYC Every Block