Chic Mama Beauty- Keeping skin hydrated

November 06, 2012

Stress, frigid dry weather and indoor heat are just some of sources of what causes skin to become dehydrated. I am already combating dryer then normal skin and wanted to share a round up of tested products as well a expert recommended.

Here are MB’s Beauty 5:

VMA hypoallergenic Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk Spf 15- One of our chic mama’s Marina Trejo is not only a Pilate’s extrodinaire she is also a license esthetician and recommends a  paraben, fragrance free cream to gently hydrate dry skin. This cream is for extra dry skin.

Organic Coconut Virgin Oil- Jessica isn’t the only one crazy for this oil. Marina’s number #1 recommendation and what she uses on her skin to keep it hydrated is Trader Joe’s Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. Just a little is needed to moisturize your entire body  as well as your hair. I always see it at health stores however the best price is TJ’s. Marina suggests to store it in a small container and keep it in a cool area so it doesn’t go bad (too liquid) in a hot bathroom.

Bliss triple oxygen + c energizing cream- This cream boast to recharge dull skin with it’s super charged vitamin C so I tried it. And Bliss isn’t lying, I had a nice glow to my cheeks and my skin looked perkier. The only thing is that it brightens your skin which I normally try to stay away from anything that brightens. I’m sure there is a chemical reason but since I have dark skin I can get spotty with any daily use of brightening agents however I liked this so much I’d use it once a month as a skin booster.

Yu Bu Mositurizing Skin Cream- A medicated moisturizing glyecerin that has been one of the longest selling skin products for the Japanese company. This is for those dry patches skin but can also be used for burns as well as a balm for the cheeks when out in freezing weather. I know a few beauty editors that swear by this product and always see it in make-up artists kits which is an excellent seal of approval.

Philosophy Hope In A Jar- I’ve been using this for about five years and have found it to always keeps my skin clear and soft (except when I am waiting for hours for a ferry in the cold :) The formula contains beta glucan which is an antioxidant and a lactic acid which when combined together gently exfoliates and leaves skin soft.

Top Photo, The Stwd