Journey To Motherhood, my first year being a mama...

January 11, 2013

Name: Melissa Matthews Brown

Hometown: I grew up in Roselle Park, NJ but now live in Fanwood, NJ

How long have you’ve been living in New Jersey? I have always lived in NJ except for the four/five years I spent living it up on the UES in a rent controlled studio (which I shared with my friend Steph and then with my husband!)

Occupation: Beauty Editor (although you wouldn’t think that thanks to the mommy bags under my eyes :)

 When did you first Become a Mother? January 21, 2011 was the happiest and scariest day of my life

 Before becoming a mother, what did you know about motherhood? I come from a large family, I’m talking my mom is one of nineteen kids large, family. I have a ton of nieces and nephews. I became an aunt when I was 8!

Was the reality close to your personal image/idea? NOT AT ALL!!! My mom actually said to me after a few weeks into being a mom to Connor (my first), why are you so surprised by everything? I guess when it is not your child you really can’t comprehend the depth of love, time, sleepless nights and devotion needed to raise a child. 

 How would you describe the first year? A blur! Actually, the first year was thrilling too. It was a year of firsts: crawling, walking, laughing…so many moments. I cherish every one!!! 

You just had a second, Matty, congrats! How is having two babies under two? Before Matty was born I was scared to death of having another baby. Splitting my time seemed like it was going to be impossible. Then, he arrived, my angel baby! He is sweet and enjoys sitting back and checking things out. He loves to watch Connor, he instantly makes Matty smile. Are things busy? Yes! Am I tired? Yes! Would I have it any other way? Not at all. I try to stay as organized as I can but two under two is a challenge. The thing that is  the hardest, Matty and Connor share germs. Connor was never sick in his first year. My poor Matty has been sick ever since he turned 3 months old!

 You just moved closer to your family, has this help with a support system being near by? Living closer to my Mom and friends has been a life saver. I wouldn’t survive without their help. I’m lucky to have such wonderful support.

You also JUST went back to work, how is it going? Going back to work is like a daily adventure. Every day is a marathon. From the minute my feet hit the floor until I get to pull them back under the covers at night I’m in constant motion. It helps that I work with other moms so on days I’m brain dead, they get it!

Tips for new moms? Laugh often! This whole mommy business is tough and if you don’t try to take a minute and find some humor in it all you will go insane! What is really funny, most of my conversations revolve around poop and sleep, “how many times did he poop?” “how long did he nap?”

Poop, throw up and pee-pee are the words most used by me these days!