Lice Prevention, a product that helps guard off lice.

November 13, 2013


We received that letter last week. Lice is in the classrooms. Although this is our second lice scare I still cringe when I read the lice letter. We have been diligently checking for lice every night for I like every parent I know do not want to deal with this situation.

A fellow co-worker who is also a mother left this tube by Little Green Kids on my desk. I have just started using it and so far so good. The lice guard products consist of 3 non-toxic products that are proven to help ward off lice infestation. One key ingredient that is a natural defense I have read up on is tea tree oil which this product contains. The gel works to seal the product in while (hopefully) preventing lice from cropping up. The Little Green Kids line consists of a Lice Guard System which also includes shampoo and conditioner. 

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